GowayPro Spotlight: egypt

The home of the pharaohs, the pyramids, the Nile River, the tombs and temples of ancient kings and queens, the largest city in the Middle East, and one of the greatest diving sites in the world. Egypt is undoubtedly one of the world’s bucket-list travel destinations. Unfortunately, due to conflict in the Middle East, its tourism industry is suffering, even though Egypt remains safe and one of the travel highlights of the world. 

If your clients are wondering whether to travel to Egypt right now, put their mind at ease. Egypt is safe and affordable and there aren’t many crowds. As well, the friendly local people need our support as tourism accounts for a large part of the country’s economy. Luckily, we can support it by sharing its awe-inspiring landmarks, history, and culture with travellers. 

Help your clients explore Egypt and discover its welcoming culture and life-changing treasures. 


Book a trip to Egypt, including group trips, from February 22, 2024 to March 31, 2024 to earn a $50 bonus on your GowayPro Visa Rewards Card. This is on top of your usual rewards received. Valid on new bookings only.

Visit our Dropbox to download social videos and graphics to promote travel to Egypt. 

GowayPro Travel Academy 

Learn all about Egypt with our module on this ancient nation.


Our popular 9-day Egypt Odyssey is a great value way to explore Egypt on a small-group journey. Egypt Odyssey is a part of our exclusive Odysseys by Goway line of small group journeys, which feature small travel groups, premium accommodations, unique travel experiences, and dedicated service every step of the way. Starting in Cairo, travellers explore the Great Pyramid of Giza, cruise along the Nile from Luxor to Aswan, and enjoy intimate tours and fascinating cultural experiences throughout the entire journey.


Goway’s Destination Specialists know Egypt inside and out and can help craft a tailor-made trip to the exact needs of your client. Get in touch and let’s help them cruise the Nile, explore the pyramids, and discover the wonders of the ancient world. Discover Goway’s customizable travel ideas to Egypt. The 9-day Classic Egypt and 9-day Classic Egypt Stay of Distinction are great starting points for an introduction to Egypt. 


Want to explore Egypt with a group of 10 or more people? Contact Goway Groups Only and let our Group Specialists create a custom group vacation. Goway Groups Only has the experience, expertise, and industry connections to craft an exceptional group trip to Egypt, no matter the interests of the individual group. Wonders of Egypt is a great starting point, but we can customize a trip however your group needs. 


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