Sales & Marketing Support

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To learn more about how we can support you in your sales and marketing initiatives, please contact your area Business Development Manager, Group Sales or General Manager:

General Manager, Sales

Renee Stanton–Defaria
r[email protected]
800.387.8850 et. 5685


Ian L. Smyth
Toronto, Canada
[email protected]
800.387.8850 ext. 5588

Rares Dumitru
Toronto, Canada
[email protected]
800.387.8850 ext. 5440

Soran Prasad
Vancouver, Canada
[email protected]
800.387.8850 ext. 6613


Evan Kranson
Pennsylvania, USA
[email protected]
800.387.8850 ext. 5860

Steve Spurlock
Washington, USA
[email protected]
1.800.387.8850 ext. 6560


Shirley Rourke
[email protected]
800.387.8850 ext 5270

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