Celebrating 50+ Years of Customized Group Travel Planning Expertise

What is Groups Only Travel?

Groups Only is the exclusive division that caters to both affinity and special interest groups of all budget levels. Our Groups Only staff are experts in customizing an itinerary to fit the specific needs and interests of the group. A group is defined as 10 or more people travelling together.

Who are group clients?

Any group of people with a special interest has a good chance of wishing to travel. Here are some examples of the specialty group itineraries we have worked on:

  • Shopping
  • Weddings
  • Sports (Rugby, Diving, Fishing, Golf)
  • Religious
  • Astronomy
  • Zoological
  • Cruises
  • School Choir
  • Cultural Tours
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Soft Adventure/Trekking
  • Multi-Generational Family
  • Medical
  • Museum/Art & Natural History
  • Various Corporate Incentives
  • Gardening
  • Gourmet Food & Wine

Where do we go?

We service over 101 destinations worldwide in the South Pacific, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Antarctica. We have recently introduced West Africa and the USA and Canada to our extensive portfolio.

How do I start a group?
I’ve never done one before.

  1. Let people know you do group travel. It’s amazing how this simple step can open many doors for you.
  2. Start by seeking out a Group Leader in your community. This could be a yoga instructor, minister, a dean of a university, a coach of a sports team, a chef, a photographer, or a influencer.
  3. Ask your clients who are travelling if there is anyone else that might like to come on this vacation. Suddenly, your two travellers will turn into 10!
  4. Connect with your Group Leader and see if they have any interest in organizing a group tour. On top of this, you can offer the pied piper the trip for free if they can gather enough travellers. Let them promote the trip for you.
  5. Reach out to Goway Groups Only. We offer in-depth consultation with your groups expert via Zoom video call, phone, email, or goway.com chat service. Allow us to provide you with suggestions for your new group.

Marketing Support

Now that you have your group itinerary ready to go, it’s time to market. Goway Groups Only provides a variety of promotional support to help you sell into your group.

  • See a sample flyer .
  • Social media tiles.
  • Virtual group tour: allow us to host a virtual Zoom group tour with your prospective clients.
  • BDM support.

More information about Goway Groups Only

Sample itineraries

Below is a sample of what Groups Only can create for your group.    Let us know your group’s special interests, dreams and budget then let our Groups Only Specialists design the perfect customized journey.

Pick your theme or pick your destination


Food and Wine

13 Days – Tuscany – A Gourmet Delight     

14 Days – Chocolate and Cheese – A European Dream   

15 Days – South Africa Wine Journey  

Faith Based

10 Days – Into the Heart of the Holyland: an In-depth tour of Israel    

14 Days – From Ancient Glory to Modern Wonders  –  Egypt & Jordan    

15 Days – A Pilgrimage to Western Europe  –  Portugal, Spain & France 

Women’s Groups

9 Days – Eat, Pray, Love in the Heart of Italy  

13 Days – Mystical Morocco  

7 Days – Sedona Wellness Retreat 

Culture and History

12 Days – The Wonders of Classical Greece    

10 Days – Ghana Cultural Tour and Volunteering    

14 Days – Aboriginal Cultural Tour – Australia    

Wildlife and Naturalist Groups

13 Days – Aussie Wildlife Tour  

15 Days – East Africa at its Best!  

14 Days – A South Africa Journey of Discovery  

For a full listing of our themed itineraries

Our Destinations

South Pacific

16 Days – Australia: A Journey of Contrasts   

14 Days – New Zealand A Land of Contrasts 

Africa and the Middle East

9 Days – Wonders of Egypt   

14 Days – African Dreaming through the Photographic Lens – South Africa & Namibia    

7 Days – Mystical Dubai  


7 Days – Irish Pub tour: for a “load of craic!”  

10 Days – A Journey into the Heart of Croatia  


10 Days – Extraordinary Thailand   

14 Days – A Cultural Journey – India   

Latin America and Antarctica

15 Days – Peru Panoramic  

10 Days – So you think you can… Tango – Argentina   

21 Days – Exploring As It Was Meant to Be – Antarctica

United States & Canada

7 Days – The Best of San Francisco and Napa Valley  

8 Days – Exploring Canada’s Maritimes  

For a full listing of our sample itineraries by destination

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