Introducing Odysseys by Goway

Whether you’re gazing upon a leopard dozing in an acacia tree or hiking up the final steps of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, great travel experiences are best shared with others. That’s why we made Odysseys by Goway, our new line of unforgettable small group journeys, guided by Goway.

What are Odysseys by Goway?

Odysseys by Goway are curated small group journeys, which feature premium accommodations, unique travel experiences, and a refined travel pace. They’re also guided by Goway from start to finish, which means we join you along for the entire adventure. 

On an Odyssey by Goway, you join a select group of fellow travellers to explore some of the most exciting countries around the world. These journeys take you to iconic landmarks, including Machu Picchu, the Serengeti, and the Taj Mahal, but they also include tours of hidden gems, like the fairytale-like Trulli buildings of Alberobello in Italy. These aren’t cookie cutter travel experiences, but rather, unique inclusions that make for unforgettable memories. If you’re looking to embark on your own epic travel journey, head on an Odyssey by Goway.

What’s unique about Odysseys by Goway?

All Odysseys by Goway are united by core principles that make for extraordinary travel experiences:

Stay Longer, Explore More

Stay longer in each stop along the journey, forgoing constant packing and unpacking. Rather, use that extra time to go deeper into the heart of every destination and discover cultural aspects and natural wonders that most tours don’t include.

Small Groups for Close Encounters

Every Odyssey by Goway has a maximum of 16 travellers on a single trip, which makes intimate travel experiences possible in each destination. It also allows you to bond more easily with your fellow travellers and forge connections that’ll last a lifetime.

Elevated Travel Experiences

Odysseys by Goway feature premium accommodations. No to chain hotels, yes to gorgeous, comfortable, one-of-a-kind stays. You also spend less time in the vehicle and more time in destination, which is better for everyone involved.

Guided by Globetrotters

Odysseys by Goway are guided by Goway every step of the way. A Goway Destination Specialist books the trip, while a Goway guide and driver escort you through the destination. We join you for the adventure.

Where can you go on Odysseys by Goway?

Our team has curated Odysseys by Goway to explore only the most exclusive and fascinating countries in the world. Currently, there are 12 Odysseys by Goway, which take travellers to 10 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the South Pacific, and South America. Search for lions and elephants on the savannas of Kenya or Tanzania. Explore the history of ancient African kingdoms in Ghana. Cruise the Nile to venture to tombs and temples of ancient Egypt. Uncover the historic and cultural treasures of Saudi Arabia. Gaze upon cherry blossoms or fall colours during the most beautiful seasons in Japan. Pair together cultural and natural wonders in India. Venture across the Amalfi Coast and uncover fairy tale treasures in the “heel of the boot” of Italy. Combine the Amazon and the Sacred Valley of the Incas for the ultimate Peruvian vacation. Or venture across the islands of New Zealand to cruise fjords and savour celebrated wines. You can learn more about Odysseys by Goway on our website.

It’s time to write your own epic travel story. Venture to show stopping travel wonders and make lifelong connections with other travellers and the places you explore.

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Aren Bergstrom
Aren Bergstrom

Globetrotting Editor - You might say that Aren was destined to become a Globetrotter after his family took him to Germany two times before he was four. If that wasn’t enough, a term spent in Sweden as a young teenager and a trek across Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand confirmed that destiny. An independent writer, director, and film critic, Aren has travelled across Asia, Europe, and South America. His favourite travel experience was visiting the major cities of Japan’s largest island, Honshu, but his love for food, drink, and film will take him anywhere that boasts great art and culture.

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