Great Value Group Travel Destinations

There are many benefits of travelling in a group. Whether it be the companionship of travelling with like-minded travelers, special bonding moments on a multi-generational trip, sharing lasting memories with the best of friends or travelling for free as you lead a group. Whatever the reason for planning a group trip, Goway Groups Only will help you navigate the process of booking a group, ensuring you have unique travel experiences and most importantly an unforgettable trip!

We also want to share some great value group travel destinations to consider for your group. Value does not just mean the cost of the trip, but the bang for your buck when you get to the destination, which can range from the exclusive experiences we can include in your trip to the souvenirs you can buy to take back home.

It’s important to not just look at the price when considering the value of a trip, but also the travel inclusions. Think about how your itinerary can avoid the main tourist trail. Consider trying an itinerary to lesser-known islands, towns, and cities. Goway Groups Only can help you secure great value and unique experiences that will turn into travel memories your group will cherish for the rest of their lives. When planning a group trip this year or beyond, consider the following great value destinations.


It’s not hard to sell people on Bali. It has gorgeous forests and beaches, pampering resorts, mind-blowing temples, and a great local food scene. Escape to Bali to relax on its beaches, explore coastal shrines and temples, and head on a full-day cruise, all for a great price.


Brazil is famously beautiful: the people, the beaches, the nature, the food—they’re all gorgeous. It’s also an affordable destination that lets you tap into a great local culture. Learn how to cook delicious Brazilian beef and other local dishes during a cooking class in Rio, head up Corcovado Mountain to see Christ the Redeemer, and uncover the flavours of Salvadore.


Dubai is sometimes thought of as an expensive destination, but you can secure great value by exploring it with a group. In many ways, it’s the ultimate luxury destination, with great shopping, premium accommodations, and ritzy travel experiences. You can enjoy dinner on a traditional dhow boat, head on a safari desert experience, enjoy your own private yacht party, and explore the nearby capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. What more could you ask for?


It’s remarkable how cost effective a trip to Egypt can be. Heading to Egypt allows you to walk in the footsteps of Pharaohs, explore the pyramids in Giza, cruise the Nile on a luxury vessel, and enjoy the unparalleled culture of the Middle East. A group vacation to Egypt is not only great value, but also crosses a big item off the bucket list.


Greece is such a popular destination that we think some people forget how great value it can be. And it’s a perfect place to go beyond the ordinary and experience some of the hidden gems that many travellers often miss. See the Acropolis in Athens, explore the famous white-washed villages of Santorini, but go beyond the ordinary to Syros, where you’ll learn to cook delicious Greek food and enjoy the gorgeous volcanic environment.


India is becoming one of the most popular group destinations, and we’re not surprised. It’s a country bursting with rich history and culture, delicious food, and the most incredible people. Visit iconic landmarks such as the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Palace of Winds in Jaipur and then connect to Varanasi to experience one of the world’s spiritual centres. India is affordable and offers the experience of a lifetime.


If your group is looking for unique cultural experiences, head to this majestic North African nation. Your group can enjoy private cooking classes in Marrakech, explore the blue city of Chefchaouen, and sleep under the stars in the Sahara Desert. Morocco offers the epitome of true value for your money.

New Zealand

Your dollar goes a long way in New Zealand, where you get to explore the dramatic local scenery, experience the famous Kiwi hospitality, and learn about some of the fascinating traditions of the Māori people. There’s also great wine in the many wine regions, succulent food, including fresh seafood and famous New Zealand lamb, and some wonderful animals to spot.


Peru combines magnificent historical landmarks with some of the best food in the world. Seriously, your group is going to love the food in Lima, where some of the world’s best restaurants are located. It’s known as South America’s capital of gastronomy, so it’s a great place to unlock local flavours with cooking classes and intimate group dinners. Then you connect to the Sacred Valley of the Incas to explore the Inca ruins and magnificent Machu Picchu. Peru offers phenomenal value for history and culture.

Slovenia & Croatia

Slovenia is something of a hidden gem in Europe, with gorgeous natural landscapes and towns. Walk the historic streets of Ljubljana, travel to beautiful Lake Bled and see its iconic castle, and sample Bled cream cake. Slovenia is also home to Postojna Caves, the second-longest cave system in Europe. It’s also easy to pair Slovenia with its charming neighbour, Croatia, where you can explore Plitvice Lakes National Park and soak up the history and Hollywood sites of Dubrovnik. With its history, food, wine, and natural beauty, these countries have it all, and for a good price.

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Shirley Rourke
Shirley Rourke

Shirley is a proud, 22 year Goway veteran specializing in the South Pacific for 30 years who has travelled extensively throughout all of Goway's destinations, but the Pacific region including Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific islands and Asia are definitely her favourite. There are very few corners of the region she has not visited and loved!

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