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GowayAgent Hotline: 800.259.2317

Online Air Booking Support: 866.515.2874

Call Centre Air Bookings: 866.866.5494

Customer Service Emergency Support (available 24/7):
Contact the main Goway Telephone Numbers or email us at [email protected]

Administration & Accounts: 800.441.4610

Email: [email protected]


Goway is With You All the Way!

Ever since we first opened our doors in 1970, we have valued the experiences of our clients while in destination above all else.

Being a globetrotter means experiencing new things, enjoying new places and exploring and learning about new cultures. But any globetrotter knows that issues will arise from time to time as well.

When these issues do arise, we firmly believe in delivering a consistent and exceptional level of service and support to our clients regardless of where they are in the world, and regardless of the emergency support situation they may need assistance with.

Whenever our North American offices are closed (including on weekends and holidays), our main Goway telephone lines will play a “we’re closed” phone messaging prompt. While this message states that our main offices are closed, the message also directs callers to an option 2 on the telephone keypad if the caller would like to reach our “After-Hours Helpline.” The messaging prompt is as follows:

“Thank you for calling Goway Travel. We are now closed. If this is an urgent situation and you would like to reach our after-hours helpline, please press 2. If you know the 4-digit extension to leave a direct message, please enter it now. You may press * for the company directory, or, alternatively, to leave a message with our message center you may press 9. Thank you.”

Rest assured, if you encounter an emergency situation, we and our teams on the ground will be available to assist you 24/7/365, getting you back on your way.

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DOWNUNDER 888.469.2944
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ADVENTURE 888.469.2949
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