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Recycle your clients and grow your business

Text books will tell you that the best way to build your business is to generate repeat business and referrals… it is that simple!

But what kind of clients can you sell to that are guaranteed to be repeat clients?

That’s simple too… Globetrotters!

Any client you sell to Australia is guaranteed to want to either go back Downunder or want to travel to Africa or Asia. Similarly, clients to Asia will want to go Downunder or to Africa.

We at Goway have built our business on repeats and referrals. We would like to help you do the same. If you are not yet a Goway Agent or are new to selling exotic long haul destinations we want to help you … just contact our very experienced and very friendly destination specialists.


We Are Here to Help

We understand it is possible you do not sell a lot of long haul international travel. That’s ok. If you have the clients and want the business, we do too. Our Wizards and Experts look forward to hearing from you and growing our relationship.

We can customize any itinerary

We are famous at being able to custom design personalized itineraries to suit your clients’ special interests and budget.

We are your One Stop Shop

For long haul FIT travel, coach tours, long stays, self-drives, groups only, special events, complex air arrangements Goway is the one stop shop for Globetrotting clients.

Deal with True Specialist Advisors

Our reservations agents are specifically trained to be true “destination specialists” who don’t individually try to sell the other destinations like many of our competitors do.

For professionals Top Customer Service is Paramount

As a quality professional agent you require top customer service. We have a full time customer care manager and encourage clients to rate our service on Trustpilot (

Your range of choice is amazing

Thousands of travel ideas to choose from are featured on our extensive website and in our very comprehensive destination specific travel catalogues. Whatever your clients travel style, we have an idea for you.

We’ll help you recycle your clients

Our basic objective is to so satisfy your clients that they will want to book Goway again and again (we sell the world) and we both get repeat business.

Professionals want trust and integrity

Created in 1970 Goway offers family values (compared to corporate), more product and experience than most travel companies, true consumer protection and a track record of reliability and customer care.

We want your business

We truly want to be your #1 Wholesaler, Tour Operator, Consolidator and Groups and Events co-ordinator for your globetrotting clients.


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