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How to Plan a Group Vacation in 10 Easy Steps

You probably have an idea of what a group vacation is, but may not know how to plan one. That’s where we come in. Our dedicated groups department, Goway Groups Only, plans nothing but tailor-made vacations for groups of 10 or more travelers. The size of the group—10 or more—is the only thing that makes a vacation a “group vacation.” Everything else is up to you and your clients.

Yes, you! That’s right, any travel professional can plan a group vacation, not just group travel specialists. You could have a fully-formed group ready to go or a speculative group idea that you need help filling. Either way, you can rely on our Group Specialists to help you plan your ideal group vacation. Perhaps best of all, if you plan the group, you can travel for free.

10 steps to planning a group vacation with Goway Groups Only

1. Dream About a Group Vacation

Want to travel for free, earn great revenue, and enjoy cash rewards on your GowayPro rewards card? Great! It’s time to jump on the hottest trend in the travel industry: group travel. Take advantage of people who want to travel with friends, family, or like-minded individuals. Remember, a group vacation starts at just 10 adults, so whether it’s a trip for an anniversary, a milestone birthday, or a special event, there are few limits to what a group vacation can look like.

2. Contact a Groups Only Specialist

Get in touch with us, ideally 12 to 18 months in advance. You can send a quote request through our website, call us at 1-800-838-0618, email [email protected], or even send us a Facebook or Instagram message.

3. Tell Us About Your Group

We want to get to know your group. We’re going to ask you a lot of questions: about your group’s dream vacation, your timeline, your needs, your ideal clients. Your group vacation will be completely tailor-made and private. We’re going to gather as much information as possible to make it special for your group, whether that includes planning a private cooking class in Tuscany or a cultural exchange learning traditional head-carrying in a Cape Town township, complete with Diski dancing, Djembe drumming, and a classic local meal.

4. We Prepare a Personalized Quote

We’ll contact our partners to check availability and pricing and prepare some rates that are as special as your group is. We’ll then send you a personalized quote.

5. We Review Together & Tweak Until It’s Perfect

Together, we’ll review your quote to see what you like, what you love, and what you might want to change. We’ll then tweak the details together. We want to make sure your trip will live up to your clients’ travel dreams. Communication is key.

6. Deposit $1,000 to Book

Once you’re happy with your group’s itinerary, deposit $1,000 for the whole group and we’ll lock in the space and rates. We may require an additional deposit for air or the odd hotel, but we’ll let you know this information in your quote. From there, we will take care of booking all the services for your group. Once we’ve confirmed everything with our partners, we’ll send you a confirmation letter with the full details of your trip, as well as our exclusive Group Management Tool to assist you in collecting all your client information as they book.

7. Your Fun Begins

Plan out your strategy for marketing your group! We will provide you with our exclusive Groups Marketing Toolkit packed with best practices, tips, tricks, and a “how to” video. Your Account Manager will check in to see how you are doing and offer a marketing coaching session if you need. We want to maximize your efforts to maximize your profits.

8. Scheduled Check-Ins

Your Groups Only journey to success continues with scheduled check-ins with your Group Specialist and Account Manager to see how preparations are going. If you have a speculative group, we’ll see how your group is selling and offer some more tips and reminders as you need. We’re here to help you along the way and want your group to be a success.

9. Final Preparations

90 days before your departure, we finalize all the details of your trip. Using our simple Group Management Tool, you can provide us with all your client details. Once everything is perfect, we prepare all the documentation for your group.

10. Bon Voyage!

It’s time to go and experience the group vacation you’ve worked so hard to plan, whether a family vacation to Bali, a golf club trip to Scotland, or a private wildlife safari in Kenya. While traveling, you’ll have the assistance of our local operators, our 24/7 worldwide customer service, and, of course, your Groups Specialist, who has been with you from the start. Once you’re back home, hopefully we start the whole process over again and plan your next group vacation. 

Anyone and everyone can book a group vacation with Goway Groups Only. You only have to dream and we can make it reality. Get in touch with a Goway Group Specialist today.


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