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The Benefits of Small Group Tours

Small Group Touring

From private-guided travel led by local experts to self-drive adventures through scenic countrysides and iconic cities, from cruising idyllic islands to setting off on a Holiday of a Lifetime, there are so many unique ways to experience and explore the world. Over the past few years, an increasingly popular travel style has been small group touring—and for good reason.

Typically limited to fewer than 20 guests per departure, small group tours are directed by best-in-class tour guides—engaging and intelligent individuals with a passion for sharing local histories and a proven track record of delivering outstanding travel experiences—who, thanks in large to the limited group size, are able to meaningfully interact with guests. As those who have been on a traditional bus tour with fifty or more guests know firsthand, it can often be a challenge to be heard, or even to hear while in destination. With a small group tour this worry falls to the wayside as you’re never far from your tour guide, and with just a few like-minded travellers on the voyage it’s easy to keep up on the conversation, thereby ensuring you won’t miss out on key details or be left unable to ask a critical question.

While industry-leading guides are undoubtedly the primary reason that small group travel has become so popular over the years, the economic, social, and environmental advantages are also worth a mention. By joining a small group tour, you’re able to capitalize on group discounts, meet people with similar interests, and minimize your carbon footprint. All good! 

Strolling Brick Lane, London

So what exactly does a small group tour look like?

To give just a few examples, on our Enchanting Southern Italy small group tour you’re invited to explore the wonders of the Old World, discovering iconic sites including the ruins of Pompeii, the awe-inspiring Amalfi Coast, and the stunning island of Capri during their idyllic spring and summer months; bellissimo! Heading west, our small group adventure through Provence and the French Riviera pairs the region’s lesser-known gems and quintessential highlights bringing you to medieval towns, centuries-old chapels, and must-see museums with select tastings and shopping opportunities dotted throughout to accent the experience.

Hop across the pond and you’re able to join our Highlights of Britain small group tour. The ideal adventure for guests seeking an immersive exploration from south to north, it hits a number of major sites including London, Stratford-upon-Avon—the birthplace of William Shakespeare—and the impossibly-beautiful Snowdonia National Park, while also including a few lesser-known places of interest like Castle Howard and Chester, making it an excellent itinerary for first-timers and repeat visitors to the land of John Bull alike.

At Goway, we offer a wide range of travel styles to ensure we’re able to find the right experience for you. A one-stop-shop for all your travel needs, we’re ready and waiting to help design the perfect trip to suit your interests, schedule, and budget. Among our many styles of travel, small group tours have emerged as a fan favourite, and we are of course able to help with such experiences no matter which corner of the globe you’re ready to explore. To get started, please check out our website or better yet, give us a call at 1-800-387-8850.


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