Defining Luxury: 6 Ideas to Pamper Your Client

Luxury means something slightly different to every kind of traveller. That’s why it’s not enough to put a star rating on a resort or experience and call it ‘the best.’ A top notch luxury travel experience brings out what’s unique in a destination, which could mean natural beauty, a style of accommodation unavailable elsewhere, or an environment optimised for health and relaxation. Here are six luxurious travel experiences suited to six very different styles of luxury traveller.

Of course, if they just add six new items to your client’s bucket list, that’s fine too!

Longitude 131

Few destinations sound more rugged than the Australian Outback. But how about sipping cocktails in air conditioned comfort overlooking Uluru after a full day exploring the area’s rich indigenous history? That’s Longitude 131, where just 15 private tents sit beneath cloudless desert skies, offering every modern convenience in between adventures in this ancient land. Clients may wish to add dinner under the stars for an extra special evening in the Outback.

Sail the Nile Aboard a Dahabiya

Find your inner Cleopatra and set off on the river that has nurtured and fed Egypt for thousands of years. A leisurely week sailing in comfort fit for royalty takes you from Aswan to Luxor, stopping in at the region’s most stunning temples, tipping your hat to history’s rulers in the Valley of the Kings, and learning about Egypt’s crucial relationship with the world’s second longest river. Stability has long returned to this part of Egypt, but the crowds, for now, have not, making now an ideal time to go.

Opulence in the UK and Ireland

There’s no better way to explore Ireland than by train, and there’s no rail journey in Ireland more luxurious than a Belmond train. The Belmond Grand Hibernian offers a range of itineraries throughout Ireland, from a mere taste to a grand tour. If your clients are taking an extended trip through the UK and Ireland, why not suggest pairing this with a stay at the Balmoral in Edinburgh, or the Langham Hotel in London… or both?

The Brando

You know a destination has some serious luxury cred when Hollywood royalty decides to not just visit, but to buy a slice of it for themselves. The Islands of Tahiti are one such destination, defined by verdant peaks that rise from perfect azure lagoons. One of the Islands of Tahiti, Tetiaroa is no longer owned by the Brando estate, but the actor’s love of his island escape is immortalised in The Brando, a 5-star eco-luxury resort that will make any visitor feel like a star.

Thailand Luxury Spa

A trip to Thailand can do wonders for your health at any time, but a stay at a luxury spa resort like Well Hotel in Bangkok, or Amatara Resort and Wellness in Phuket will take a wellness holiday to all new levels. The latter resort is in fact a fully equipped wellness resort, with a choice of six different focuses – detox, spa revive, weight management, active, yoga, and holistic anti-aging. Plus, there’s no better country to enjoy a rejuvenating massage, perfect for recharging between the ancient sights and unique cultural highlights of Thailand.

Luxury Cruise in the Galapagos

Located off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are nature’s ultimate showcase, where unique native species have been allowed to thrive, almost entirely undisturbed. A Galapagos cruise is a once in a lifetime trip, and so deserves once in a lifetime accommodation aboard a comfortable vessel like the Galapagos Sea Star. Accommodating just 16 travellers, this vessel ensures a high level of personalised service for all passengers, maximising your time among the wildlife, and ensuring a low-impact stay.

On every continent of the globe, Goway has a luxury experience to delight every kind of Globetrotter.

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