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Top Things I Learned on a Trip to Ghana 

I was recently lucky enough to visit Ghana on a recent FAM and the experience opened my eyes. Ghana is the second largest country in West Africa and one of the most stable democracies on the continent. It’s a place with gorgeous coastlines, rich history, and welcoming people. It should be high on the list of anyone wanting a cultural experience in Africa. 

We started our trip through Ghana in the capital Accra. We toured the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and Independence Square. We continued to Cape Coast to visit Cape Coast Castle, Elmina, and the nearby fishing village. The castles of Cape Coast and Elmina were central in the slave trade. We headed north to the Slave River and then to the commercial hub of Kumasi. We then made our way back to Accra with a stop at the Global Mama’s Workshop to learn how to make a batik fabric, as well as Cedi Beads to learn about beadmaking. Finally, we ended our trip with a tour of the Nkyinkyim Museum. 

On my journey, I learned a few things that travel advisors should know so they can share this remarkable nation with their clients. 

Ghana is safe. 

There is this misconception that Ghana is unsafe. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Ghana is a stable country and has been since it garnered independence in 1957. We felt secure during our trip. Furthermore, it’s very easy to travel around Ghana. The people are welcoming and hospitable. There’s a good tourism infrastructure. People should not feel intimidated at all. 

Ghana offers the chance to learn essential stories about the slave trade. 

Probably the most memorable and profound part of my trip was learning the history of Ghana’s place in the transatlantic slave trade. This culminated with a dramatic visit to Cape Coast Castle and its slave dungeons. Hearing the story of how 200 men were kept in the dungeon for three months while waiting for a ship to take them across the Atlantic was harrowing. It’s the kind of story that everyone needs to hear. I didn’t realize so much about the transatlantic slave trade until visiting Ghana. It’s a truly significant experience. 

Ghana has great food and accommodations. 

We had great meals everywhere we went throughout the country. If I had a pick one specific restaurant to single out, it would be Auntie Esi’s Kitchen in Accra. We also stayed in some great accommodations during our journey. Labadai Beach Hotel in Accra is particularly stunning, with a great location and impeccable rooms. 

Travel advisors should advertise Ghana’s rich history to their clients. 

Independence Square in Accra. (©Ian Smyth)

There’s so much to learn in Ghana and travellers are going to be fascinated every step of the way. Sell them the story of this incredible country. Whether clients want to trace their heritage in Ghana or simply want to experience one of the pillars of West Africa, there’s so much for them to do and experience in this great nation. 

Ghana is great for group travellers. 

Ghana is a great country to explore alongside others. You can share the profound experiences at its historical sights, enjoy the company of its welcoming locals, and learn more about the nation alongside like-minded travellers. This makes it a natural fit for group travel. If you have a group of 10 or more people, get in touch with Goway Groups Only and we can craft a custom group vacation to Ghana.

Ghana Odyssey is a great starting point. 

Goway’s Ghana Odyssey, one of our exclusive small group journeys, is an ideal introduction to the nation. It includes unique inclusions, small group touring, premium accommodations, and dedicated service every step of the way. It visits many of the same sites I experienced so I can tell you firsthand that your clients are going to love these places in Ghana.

By Ian Smyth


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