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A Fireside Conversation with Sabi Sabi

August 5, 2020


Join the boys from Sabi Sabi for a fireside chat about life in the bush. This is a casual conversation about the past, present, and future of this pristine wildlife reserve. Discover what Warren, Jan, & Jacques are so passionate about. Learn from their collective 70 years of wilderness experience as it resonates through their storytelling, recounting exciting sightings that still put a smile on their faces. They’ll also share stories of colleagues who have and still walk the path with them today. Hear tales from Sabi Sabi that bring tears to the eyes, and about the inspiring prospects that lie ahead.

Join us in reigniting the excitement of travelling to South Africa and going on safari. Talk about your upcoming journey, what your expectations are, and what you hope to bring back in memories. Be part of the conservation effort, remembering at Sabi Sabi, Tourism IS Conservation.

Speaking of great Sabi Sabi experiences, read about Goway Chief Operating Officer John Feenaghty’s trip to Sabi Sabi. In this travel diary, John raves about his first African safari at the esteemed reserve: “I can only describe my Sabi Sabi experience as unique, memorable, and altogether flawless. It has set a substantial bar for what I hope will be the first of many such safaris.”


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