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Rebeka Cameron

Rebeka Cameron

Destination Specialist
Goway Europe

Being Lithuanian/Scottish and brought up in Ireland, I spent my time bouncing between the UK and the Baltic States. This brought out a desire to experience the rich culture and history of Europe further and explore my second home, the Emerald Isle, extensively as a teenager. As I grew older, my appetite for travel grew stronger. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and flew the nest, spending long summers in Boston and New York before venturing off the beaten path in Thailand. I rescued a dog and lived alongside locals on a rural Thai farm in the village of Ban Nai Sa, Krabi. Travel is a transformative experience, which has allowed me to enable my personal growth, form deep connections, and broaden my perspective. In return, it’s cultivated a deep appreciation for life. I am excited to share my passion and turn travel aspirations into cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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