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Michelle Furtado

Michelle Furtado

Goway Downunder

When I was in high school, I took a class on Tourism. Right away I was hooked, and it became my favourite class! After graduating high school I took a year off to work, and then started Tourism College in 1998. I continued to work while going to school, and once I graduated, got my first job right away with my first wholesale company, Pacific Sunspot Tours, in Vancouver, and have never looked back since! Wholesale is what I thrive on, it’s my passion. I love the relationships that we develop with our travel agent community, and I love assisting them in creating that dream vacation for their clients.

Michelle is really the one that made it happen, her expertise in the destination is what had me pick you guys!

Linda, All Seasons Travel

When I began my research for this trip I called 2 vendors beside Michelle for information. Michelle gave me / my clients time to review her itinerary and then followed up w/ an e-mail & a call. The other 2 vendors did not so I knew that Michelle was interested in "working" w/ me to secure the booking. She is a big part of the reason why I found it very easy to turn the booking over to GoWay. Michelle has been most helpful, easy to work with and offered suggestions to enhance the trip. We all do our best and Michelle has certainly met and exceeded all expectations.

Barbara French, Amador Dimensions In Travel

Michelle always has the best ideas, understands what my clients need and makes my job much easier.

Rachel Souster, CAA Travel

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