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Costa Rica Vacations for All Seasons

Costa Rica vacations are the perfect escape any time of the year!

Escape the cold and snow and enjoy Christmas or New Years on a sunny beach in Costa Rica. With Goway’s guaranteed accommodation at select properties, combined with the famous Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica’s famous Cloud Forest, as well as time on the beautiful Pacific Coast, it’s the perfect getaway from the North American winter!

Central and South America Expert,David Dalglish
Central and South America Expert, David Dalglish

Escaping during our warm summer months may be the last thing North Americans think of doing, but travellers can take advantage of Costa Rica vacations at this time, as there are less crowds to worry about – not to mention, no hurricanes, as Costa Rica sits outside the usual storm path. On offer are some of the best beaches in the world, as well as lush nature, as well as adventure activities.

Want some expert advice on why Costa Rica is an awesome destination year round? Then just read on and hear from David, one of Goway’s many Central and South America experts. David has spent extensive time in Costa Rica, so take advantage as he “gives up” some of his tips and tricks on one of the most popular, affordable and easy to get to Central America destinations.

1. You can travel to the vast majority of destinations of interest in Costa Rica from one of 2 international airports in under 3 hours. It is feasible and really not even that difficult to have breakfast on the Caribbean and dinner on the Pacific, or vice versa.

2. Because Costa Rica is small, you can see a lot in a shorter, North American length holiday of 7 or 14 days, including Arenal, Monteverde, and Guanacaste, or Tortuguero, Arenal, and Manuel Antonio.

Monteverde Cloud Forest canopy walk, Costa Rica
Monteverde Cloud Forest canopy walk

3. With 2 international gateways in such a small country, flexibility is a guarantee when creating any FIT itinerary. For example, arrive in San Jose and depart from Liberia, or vice versa. This allows you to include a wide range of sites in any itinerary.

4. Flight timings from all major North American gateways are good, and do not usually require overnight travel. From Toronto and a few of the bigger US cities, San Jose can be reached on a direct flight. Plus, being close to North America, flying time is reasonably short.

5. English is spoken as widely, per capita, more so in Costa Rica than any other Latin country. This and the large ex-pat population make getting around on a tour very easy.

6. Level of local guiding on Costa Rica vacations is superb. A tour guide in Costa Rica is someone who has taken 4+ years to receive their license (minimum of 2 other languages), so tours are managed by these very professional and knowledgeable individuals.

7. There is LOTS to do. Costa Rica is an active place in every sense like New Zealand. It is basically set up for travellers like a theme park – albeit Mother Nature’s theme park – of fun stuff to do in natural surroundings. Costa Rica is a nature lover’s paradise, given the wildlife and birds. Plus, there are a vast number of activities to be enjoyed, such as whitewater rafting, zip lining, and so much more!

White water rafting in Costa Rica
White water rafting

8. While Costa Rica is great to travel year round, the wet season, from May to October, is amazing. It is warm everywhere and seeing a tropical rainforest in a torrential afternoon storm is impressive!

9. Diversity is the word, and the local cuisine in Costa Rica is simple but healthy and delicious (try gallo pinto with scrambled eggs, topped with green Salsa Inglesa – yum!).

10. Accommodation choices run the gammit, from basic and affordable to the high end luxury, to all-inclusive resorts. Any budget or style can be accommodated.

Summer or winter getaways, and not too far from North America, Costa Rica is a great place to explore!


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