Groups Are Discovering Tasmania (New Date)

Groups Are Discovering Tasmania (New Date)

Join us for a Webinar on Tuesday July 24 28, 2018 << NEW DATE

Time: 2:00 PM EDT.

Space is limited.

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Time to consider as stop in Tasmania for your next group to Australia. It is land like no other Downunder and now is the time to plan your next group departure. And there is so much to see and do: golfing at 2 of the most famous courses in the world, walking the trails in stunning national parks, embracing the local, organic farm-to-table food culture, standing in awe viewing magical waterfalls and ocean vistas and exploring the villages and markets that dot the island state. Join our webinar and learn from our special guest host, Karen Stotz, Marketing Manager, North America where to go and what to see and do in “Tassie.”

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