Visiting Erik The Red’s Iceland Home

Follow the ancient Vikings this summer and discover the North Atlantic with a unique circumnavigation cruise around Iceland.

Sailing out of Reykjavik, explore the waters and coastline around Iceland in the 226-passenger expedition ship M/V Ocean Diamond. Save from $3190US / $4145CA on a second traveller’s fare when you book a Circumnavigation Cruise in April in a Balcony Suite, Family Cabin, or Outside Cabin.

The popular Iceland Circumnavigation itinerary offers a 10-day voyage around the entire country, with stops at the volcanic Westman Islands, historic fishing villages like Ísafjörður, wildlife-rich Grimsey above the Arctic Circle, the “heaven and hell” landscapes of the Lake Myvatn region, and the ruggedly beautiful Snaefellnes Peninsula, where Jules Verne set his epic Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Break the ice onboard the Ocean Diamond

With an ice-strengthened hull and advanced onboard technology, the M/V Ocean Diamond is able to explore and anchor in fjords, bays and harbors that are off limits to larger cruise ships. During these voyages of discovery, onboard experts offer insight into the unique nature, geology, culture, and history of Iceland and Greenland while travellers are pampered with a level of comfort, cuisine, and service rarely seen in such remote regions.

As Iceland is currently such a popular destination, accommodation on the mainland is in short supply during the summer high season. The voyage on the Ocean Diamond solves that problem as it offers not only transportation, but also a floating hotel.

To round out your visit to Iceland, Goway also offers pre- and post-cruise adventures throughout the country. From the famed Blue Lagoon, to self-drive options in rental cars, to motor coach tours, Goway has all your Iceland needs covered.

Icelandic Sunset at Kirkjufell

Touching on the shores of Iceland only scratches the surface of its unique history. Delve into the history of Iceland, and see why the troublemakers of yesteryear are now national heroes.

Writer Joe Yogerst describes it thus:

“Iceland was settled by the outcasts from mainstream Viking civilization in Norway and Denmark. Many of the pioneers were the baddest of the bad, the weirdest of the weird. Men like Erik the Red were considered so radical, so violent, so off-the-wall, they were judged unfit for what was already a pretty bad ass society. Struggling against extreme weather and stark geography, they were forced to build a new society from scratch on the remote North Atlantic isle. Twelve hundred years later, that largely untamed society is now the modern nation of Iceland.”

Some Cool Facts on Iceland:

  • Shoes off! It’s common courtesy when visiting an Icelandic home (house or apartment) to take your shoes off and leave them at the door.
  • Iceland’s weather is completely unpredictable and often finicky. For winter and the shoulder seasons – March to April and September to October, a rain jacket, good walking shoes (preferably waterproof or water resistant), and a warm jacket are essential, especially since you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. For summer, from May til August, think ‘late spring’ for clothing. Sunny, but the chance of winds or cooler air. Summer is also the season of the midnight sun, so if you have trouble sleeping when it’s light outside, be sure to pack eyeshades or something else to repel the brightness. Just be sure to stay up or set your alarm for midnight on at least one occasion to witness this magnificent sight.
  • Most everyone speaks English including restaurant staff, tour guides, and shop employees. So, don’t fret if you haven’t perfected your Icelandic yet. Take a look at our recent blog post on how to pronounce the Iceland ports though.
  • Icelandic food is delicious, especially the seafood (scallops in particular), fresh from the sea. Vegetarians should be aware that Icelandic restaurants offer a limited amount of choices, so bring a few snacks just to be safe.
  • You may smell sulfur (rotten eggs) from time to time. But don’t worry. It’s just the natural geothermal springs of Iceland as most of the island is dotted by volcanoes.
    Iceland’s public hot springs and pools have their own etiquette. Always remove your shoes before entering the changing room. You can take them with you in a plastic bag or leave them on racks outside (nobody steals shoes in Iceland). Everyone is asked to shower and wash off with soap before entering a public spring or pool. Likewise, after your dip, it’s customary to shower and dry off completely before returning to the changing room.
  • Tipping is not customary in Iceland and service charges are often added to hotel, restaurant, taxi and other bills. However, gratuities for superior service are much appreciated.
Indulge in the natural spa at the Blue Lagoon

With stunning natural scenery, welcoming people, and fast-growing popularity, Iceland is the place to be this summer. Circumnavigate the country and save from $3190US / $4145CA on a second fare when booking a Balcony Suite, Family Cabin, or Outside cabin in April, exclusively with Goway.

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