Press Release

Coronavirus Update 27.01.20

January, 2020

Please be advised that at this stage we are offing full cancellations without penalty for all land components for any passengers departing and travelling to mainland China (and destinations within China) between today and the 29th of February 2020.

For pax departing for China PAST March 1st, 2020, we will issue further notice in the coming weeks.

We also know that China Eastern and China Southern are allowing full cancellations without penalty. This situation is very fluid and we expect other airlines to review their policies in the coming days.

For these aforementioned bookings, our policy is that we are allowing full cancelation without penalty for all land components. Depending on what airlines are involved, we will do our best to ensure to work with the airlines to issue waivers on Air changes and/or cancellations as well.

  1. For pax travelling TO MAINLAND CHINA ONLY

    a. They can cancel outright for a full refund on their land. We will do our best in regards to their air and what we can do as far as recouping money. We will refund airfares in full where allowed by the relevant airline.b. They can move their dates forward and travel later this year with NO change fees incurred. Similarly airfare change fees will only apply if the airline charges them.
  2. For pax travelling to ANOTHER COUNTRY AS WELL AS CHINA

    We can cancel the mainland China portion without penalty, and look at the specifics of the itinerary in question and work with the passengers as best as possible to alleviate applicable penalties in the other countries on their itinerary (modify the itinerary to stay longer in the other country where applicable, etc.).
  3. For pax travelling to ONLY ANOTHER ASIAN DESTINATION (and not mainland China at all)

    a. Currently, Goway’s usual cancellation penalties and terms and conditions WILL apply if a passenger wishes to cancel their trip to a country elsewhere in Asia. This includes travel to Hong Kong and Taiwan (outside of mainland China).b. We are monitoring the situation, and the policies in regard to travel to other countries may change as the situation develops further.

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