Dip Your Toe into Switzerland with a Four-Day Tour

The Swiss are famous for mountains, keeping time, and chocolate. An actual trip to Switzerland lives up to these stereotypes and goes beyond to impress and leave you wanting to return to see more of this alpine nation. However, for a first-time visit, follow this guide to get the most out of a four-day tour.

Day 1

From the moment you arrive you will experience the efficiency of the Swiss rail system. You will be in the centre of town with ease in just a short ride. Take a walk around Zurich to fight off the cobwebs and consider joining a fantastic walking tour. From the old town to the new section of Zurich, this city has more to offer than you expect, fantastic funky cafes to traditional decadent shops. There is plenty to see in your short amount of time.

View Castles on Lake Interlaken
Day 2

This morning, hop back on the train and make your way to Interlaken. Drop your luggage at the hotel and head to the water for a cruise around the lake. Enjoy a meal on board or get off in one of the many stops around the lake. The lake is known for its castles and sheer beauty. Regardless of weather, it is hard not to be charmed by the lake. Check the boat schedule to see when the next boat is coming around and consider getting off in Thun, a quaint village with an interesting history. Consider the option to hang out in Thun for dinner and take the train back to Interlaken later in the evening.

Day 3

Rise and shine, and all aboard. Take the multi rail system to Jungfraujoch. The journey takes you above the tree line to see the legendary breathtaking scenery. When at the top, wander through the glacier and step out on the viewing platform to admire the amazing vistas. Make sure to make a stop at the Lindt Chocolate Shop to learn about what makes Swiss chocolate so delicious. On the way back down the mountains consider stopping in one of the towns before heading back to Interlaken. This evening take your time and enjoy a cocktail in the beautiful bar in the Victoria – Jungfrau Grand Hotel.

Day 4

Today you will say good bye to Switzerland. As you ride the train to the airport, start plotting your next vacation to this amazing country.

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