View of Brisbane city from Kangaroo Point cliffs, Queensland, Australia

Say G’Day to Australia’s Best Cities (that aren’t Sydney or Melbourne!)

If you’re planning a trip Downunder, chances are you’ll fly in via Sydney or Melbourne. There’s also a fair chance you’ll spend a few days enjoying Sydney’s glistening harbour vistas or bar hopping through Melbourne’s ever-growing culture and culinary scenes. Having lived in both cities, I can say the appeal never wears off. But while […]

Woman with beef sushi at street food stall at Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan

Five Japanese Dishes to Eat in Tokyo

You don’t have to leave Tokyo to experience Japan’s famous culinary prowess. Japan’s capital city is so large and varied that you could spend a lifetime here and not discover every hidden gem or must-try restaurant. That being said, it’s unlikely you will have anywhere near a lifetime to explore. Odds are you’ll only have […]

George Town City view from Penang Hill at dawn, Malaysia

Consider a Visit to Fascinating Malaysia

If you are looking for a destination that offers a wide variety of attractions including amazing nature, excellent beach resorts, diverse culture, and contrasting cuisines, look no further than a Malaysia vacation. Malaysia covers two landmasses. One is Peninsula Malaysia, which is sandwiched between Thailand and Singapore and the other is situated to the east […]