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What Kind of Group Are You?: The Secret Behind Successful Group Travel Planning 

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“What kind of group are you?” The group travel planning process all starts with this simple question with big implications. What is your group interested in? What are their passions? What does a group vacation look like to you? The answer determines everything about your group. 

At Goway GroupsOnly, we’ve been planning trips for groups of 10-or-more travellers for over 50 years. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about customizing group trips, but perhaps the most important thing we’ve learned is that every single group is unique. That’s why this question is so important. The answer helps us learn the fundamentals of what a group vacation will look like for your group. 

Some groups travel for a special occasion alongside their closest friends. Others have a big multi-generational family that they want to explore the world alongside. Others are members of an organization that wants to do some fundraising and create a broader sense of community. Some groups are all about wellness, others are all about food, others are all about a shared interest, while others are about shared heritage. It can be as simple as a group of friends wanting to travel together and as complex as a large organization taking in a special event. 

Whatever the reason your group wants to travel together, the answer to that first question is essential. What your group is interested in helps us pick the right destination, the right activities, and the right approach to planning that makes for an unforgettable vacation. So have a firm answer to that question and it will kick off a successful group planning process. 

The other thing to remember when planning group travel is that while the process can seem complicated, it’s much easier than you think when planning with a Group Specialist. Working with a Goway GroupsOnly Specialist helps keep everything sorted and stick to a clear schedule.  

We always recommend booking groups at least 18 months in advance to secure the best rates for airfare and accommodation and to lock in space. But the process doesn’t end once you’ve made your $1,000 deposit and locked in space (remember that you only need to make a $1,000 deposit for the entire group, no matter the size). There is a whole process for growing your group, crafting unique experiences for your specific travellers, and making sure nothing is overlooked. If you are new to the group booking process, don’t worry; GroupsOnly is here to help you every step of the way. 

Whatever your reason for travelling or who you want to travel with, Goway GroupsOnly is happy to help you plan a tailor-made group trip as unique as you and your people. 

We make booking groups easy. And it all starts with one question: “What kind of group are you?” It’s the deceptively simple secret to kicking off a successful group vacation. 

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Shirley Rourke
Shirley Rourke

Shirley is a proud, 22 year Goway veteran specializing in the South Pacific for 30 years who has travelled extensively throughout all of Goway's destinations, but the Pacific region including Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific islands and Asia are definitely her favourite. There are very few corners of the region she has not visited and loved!

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