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Sael Forster

Sael Forster

Content Associate – Born to two parents who met travelling, Sael has always wanted to travel the world. Sael has hiked the Inca Trail in Peru, visited Blue Footed Boobies on the Galapagos Islands, stood on both hemispheres of the equator in Ecuador, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, hiked the base of Uluru, surfed Pacific Ocean waves in Mexico, and skydived over the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns. Meeting new people and sharing stories are some of Sael's favourite parts of travelling, and he hopes he can help ignite this passion for discovery in others.

Finding Rejuvenation in Southern Thailand

Whether you find peace through underwater scuba adventures or unwinding on sun-kissed beaches, southern Thailand is the perfect escape for all globetrotters. Resting in the azure waters of the Gulf of Thailand, the Chumphon Archipelago and islands in the Andaman…

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