Journey Beyond the Ordinary with The Ghan Train in Australia

There’s an undeniable romance to multi-day train travel in the modern day. The Ghan epitomizes this romantic allure as it travels across Australia.

The Ghan is one of the most famous and nostalgic train journeys in the world. Connecting travellers from Adelaide to Darwin (and vice versa), it’s a brand in and of itself, something that represents a refined journey and unforgettable memories when venturing across Australia. Exploring Australia on The Ghan is one of those never-to-be-forgotten travel experiences that has endured and evolved over almost a century.

What are the advantages of train travel?

Ghan Train - Dining in Queen Adelaide Restaurant Aboard the Ghan Train, Australia
Dining in the Queen Adelaide Restaurant aboard The Ghan. (©Journey Beyond)

In a busy world, train travel tends to slow down the pace, letting you appreciate the journey. It affords greater comfort and space than airplanes, and a better view for that matter—you don’t have to contend with cloud cover spoiling the view of the red Outback earth or the tropical rainforests in the Top End. Perhaps most appealing of all, train travel harks back to the past and all its nostalgic associations, from dressing up for dinner in the dining car, to cocktails at sundown, and comfortable cabins that are in reality. hotel rooms on the move. The Ghan captures all this and more on its journey through the centre of Australia.

Train travel also represents easy travel. It combines transportation, accommodation, dining and touring all in one. Trains are also far more environmentally sustainable than other forms of transportation, so you can travel in good conscience.

Where does The Ghan go?

It’s hard to match the colours of an Outback sunset.

The Ghan travels from Darwin to Adelaide (and vice versa), cutting across the Outback landscape of Australia’s Northern Territory and South Australia. Guests on the train venture to Katherine Gorge, stop in the Outback town of Alice Springs—a scenic flight over Uluru and Kata Tjuta is on offer—and through the opal-mining town of Coober Pedy. If you’re looking for romance and adventure in the Outback, The Ghan provides both in spades. It also works as an ideal add-on to a classic tour of Aussie icons such as Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. You can take advantage of sister trains, the Indian Pacific and Great Southern, to extend the journey to explore much of Australia by train, pairing together natural and cultural landmarks with refined on-board service. But whether you travel on The Ghan or its sister trains, the journey itself is the main drawcard.

What makes The Ghan stand out?

It’s hard to beat the combination of great Outback views with a glass of bubbly. (©Journey Beyond)

The Ghan is all about adventure, new experiences, fine dining and camaraderie. You stay in comfortable private cabins with large windows so that you can admire the landscapes that unfold on route. The on-board service includes regionally inspired gourmet meals and beverages, as well as attention to detail at every touchpoint. Off train experiences immerse you in the location and help you uncover the Indigenous heritage of the Australian Outback. And the shared experience on the train allows you to mingle with like-minded travellers and create bonds that elevate the experience. Sharing a journey through the Australian Outback forges special connections that often endure well beyond the final destination of the train.

New Features Aboard The Ghan

The Ghan’s new Gold Premium cabins offer world-class comfort. (©Journey Beyond)

Travellers who explore Outback Australia aboard The Ghan can enjoy some new experiences that make the journey better than ever. Chief among these is Gold Premium, a new style of travel that includes contemporary designed cabins that evoke the tones and ambience of the Outback. Gold Premium Cabins provide exceptional comfort and premium amenities, including silk eye masks and soft linen, and they come with access to the Gold Premium Lounge and Gold Premium Dining, where you can enjoy two-course lunches and four-course dinners that showcase regional ingredients and international flavours. They also feature all-inclusive Australian wines, beers, and spirits, as well as preferential access for Off Train Experiences.

New Off Train Experiences with The Ghan

Off Train Experiences include tours of Katherine Gorge in Nitimiluk National Park. (©Journey Beyond)

The Ghan has long featured a range of immersive Off Train Experiences along the route, but these evolve over time to allow travellers to go deeper into the landscape and history of the Red Centre. The latest experiences on offer include a 2.48 mi (4km) walk through 262 ft (80 m) high Standley Chasm near Alice Springs, a gorgeous sandstone formation that showcases the full colours, flora, and fauna of the Outback. Travellers can also explore the Cutta Cutta Caves near Katherine, a cave system dating back millions of years, or go all out with a scenic flight over the Painted Hills and Lake Eyre from Coober Pedy.

There are even more unique experiences and journeys to look forward to in the coming years. In 2025, there will be a new 5-day eastbound itinerary aboard the Indian Pacific from Perth to Sydney, which includes a signature culinary experience in the Barossa Valley near Adelaide and an exclusive evening experience in Cook on the Nullarbor Plain. There will be new Off train experiences and new adventures to be had.

The Ghan is a justifiably iconic train journey and one of the best ways to explore the Australian Outback. Slow down, enjoy premium service, immerse in the landscapes, history and culture of central Australia, and take a  journey beyond the ordinary with The Ghan.

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