Young woman near the Eiffel Tower, reading on a bench, Paris, France

A Literary Tour Through Paris

No city has as much of a literary history as Paris. London and Dublin can stake a claim to the title, as can New York, but as the home to the great French novelists of the 19th century and the American expats of the 1920s, no place activates the imagination of a book lover quite […]

Luxor Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Knowing Your Temples on Egypt Tours

Of all history’s great civilizations, few capture the imagination like Egypt. Nourished over millennia by the Nile, this land of pharaohs, hidden tombs, animal-headed gods, and astonishing monuments has fascinated just about everyone, from its ancient contemporaries to the modern-day globetrotter. But after that initial wave of pyramid-induced awe, which temples should you see on […]