Young happy woman in yellow coat walking in Red Square in Moscow, Russia

Moscow and St. Petersburg: Two Splendid Cities to Explore on a Russia Vacation

Moscow and St. Petersburg have survived revolutions, world wars, and economic changes, but their appeal is enduring. On a Russia vacation, both cities are outstanding treasure troves to be opened and enjoyed. I first visited what was then the Soviet Union in the 1970s, and although many aspects of both cities were drab and colourless, […]

Colourful yellow arch of Guatemala Antigua city at sunrise with the active Agua volcano in the background, Guatemala

Guatemala Unmasked: The Centrepiece of Central America Tours

Harbouring lush jungles, a turbulent history, and the remnants of one of the world’s most advanced civilizations, a visit to Guatemala on Central America tours is one you can’t afford not to take during your lifetime. Antigua Guatemala This UNESCO World Heritage-listed city is Guatemala’s most visited, conveniently located less than 45 minutes from Guatemala […]

Scotch glass and whisky barrels lined up seaside on the Island of Islay, Scotland UK (United Kingdom)

Enjoy Whisky on Scotland Vacations

Scotland’s national beverage happens to be its world-renowned whisky. As well as enjoying a glass or two, you can visit distilleries, attend whisky festivals, and learn all about this special substance on Scotland vacations. First of all, let’s clear up something the Scots deem important. The word is spelt WHISKY not whiskey when you refer […]