Nice Moustache Maharaja – The World’s Most Welcoming Country to Men with Mo’s

“Nice Moustache Maharaja!” shouted another grinning local to my fellow traveller Campbell, as he and I walked through the dusty streets of Jaisalmer, in India’s North-Western state of Rajasthan. We were two scruffy backpackers making our way through postcard India, in search and in appreciation of India’s castles and fortresses, bright turbans and saris, markets, camels, […]

Antarctica’s Blood Waterfall – and how to get to the 7th Continent

Did you know that Antarctica is technically a desert? Antarctica is not only the coldest, driest (in terms of humidity and rainfall), and windiest continent, it’s home to the worlds largest desert! Deserts conjure images and ideas of remote, barren places. Waterfalls however are certainly not things you’d expect to find in a desert, let […]

Creepy Insects of South America

Throughout most of South America, the chances of a traveler seeing anything more terrifying than a few ants or large stick bug is remote… But in the Amazon, creepy crawlies tend to be larger than life. The world’s largest rainforest is famous for everything being LARGE. Coincidentally, just recently an enormous spider was discovered in the Amazon! […]