Peter Andrew, Poacher turned Pastry Chef

The Poacher who became a Pastry Chef

This story was first published as ‘The Story of Peter Andrew‘ Sitting poolside at Singita Faru Faru Lodge at tea time, in the dappled shade of the acacia trees, our guests are treated to a feast of sweet and savoury delights before their afternoon game drive. It is a wonderfully indulgent spread; all manner of cakes, candies and […]

Tom Hanks on Set

Tom Hanks in Egypt

Tom Hanks has finished shooting scenes for “A Hologram for the King “in Egypt’s Red Sea resort city of Hurghada. He left Egypt July 21, 2014. The film, based on the novel by Dave Eggers, is about a struggling U.S. businessman who travels to Saudi Arabia in a desperate attempt to secure an I.T. equipment […]

How Japan celebrates Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is really a new western tradition that has spread around the world, and some countries have adopted their own interpretation of how to celebrate it. Japan is one such country -famed for their innovation- here the basic concept is to pamper men on Valentines! It’s widely accepted that on Valentine’s day, all shy […]

Man eats free for a year in airport lounge before cancelling ticket for full refund

As a travel company, we sometimes find ourselves explaining the differences in prices of airline tickets to our clients. How could one ticket cost twice as much as another, when both are flying to the same place? Typically, the most expensive tickets are ones which give the traveller the most flexibility, be it flight changes, […]