Goway’s 8 Ins & Outs of Travel in 2024

As we move further into 2024, we’re gaining more clarity about some key trends in the world of travel. Some things are in and some things are out. Based on our own insights, conversations with other travel professionals, and some research, we’ve come up with the following trends for 2024. What’s in? What’s out? Let’s find out!

1. In: Stay Longer, Explore More | Out: Rushed Travel Itineraries

We’ve seen this trend since travel restarted after the pandemic and it isn’t going anywhere. People are slowing down and staying longer in a single country on their trips. They want to make the most of their vacation time and go beyond the ordinary when exploring another part of the world. So whether that means delving into the cultural highlights of Umbria and Puglia in Italy or escaping to Costa Rica for two weeks, travellers are over with rushed travel itineraries that pack in too many elements to a single trip.

2. In: Premium Seating | Out: Economy Seating

Airplanes seem to be getting smaller and people are noticing. That’s why travellers are forgoing the standard economy seating, especially on international flights, and instead paying the surcharge to secure premium seating. Premium seating is not only more comfortable, but comes with extra perks on board.

3. In: Cool Spots in Summer | Out: Hot Spots in Summer

This one surprised us at first, but if you think about it, it makes sense. The world is getting warmer and if it’s warm where you live, that warm, sunny getaway is less appealing. So travellers are flipping the script and heading to cooler destinations during the warmer months back home. Instead of heading to France or Spain in the height of summer, they’re going to Iceland or Scandinavia. Instead of hitting up Japan in August, they’re going in October. Summer will always be a popular travel season, but travellers want to change things up and cool down as they explore.

4. Travel to Far-Flung Destinations | Out: Travel to Local Sun Destinations

While many travellers were sticking closer to home in the first few years after the pandemic, they’re broadening their horizons in 2024 and heading further afield to some of the world’s far-flung destinations. Travellers are enjoying the sort of bucket list experiences that everyone dreams about, from East African safaris to snorkel tours of the Great Barrier Reef. A part of this trend is likely due to airlines stabilizing and once again offering many of the international routes from before the pandemic, making it easier for people to get to far-flung destinations. On the flipside, the sunny destinations closer to home have been largely impacted by high inflation and over-capacity demand, which has made travellers look elsewhere to scratch their travel itch.

5. In: Travelling with a Group | Out: Going Solo

Group travel is more popular than ever. There will always be a special appeal to exploring the world on your own, but going with a larger group has more appeal than ever as people spend more time at home and have quieter social lives. So they’re using travel to reconnect with others. So whether you’re exploring Chile with your wine club or finally walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain with friends from church, travelling as a group just makes sense. Don’t forget to contact Goway Groups Only if you want to explore with a group. They’re the experts at custom group travel for groups of 10 or more people.

6. In: Planning Around a Special Event | Out: Going During Peak Season

If Taylor Swift, the Super Bowl, and the upcoming solar eclipse are any indication, people love a special event. And that’s as true in travel as it is in entertainment. People are combining the two, circling a date on the calendar and making sure to see a special event in another part of the world. This doesn’t just have to be a sporting event or once-in-a-lifetime natural phenomena either. It can be the cherry blossoms in Japan in March, the summer solstice in Scandinavia, or the Great Migration in early fall in East Africa. While people are willing to travel for a specific event, which may mean travelling alongside lots of other people, travellers are also avoiding the peak travel season as a way to save costs. In many ways, the shoulder seasons of spring and fall are becoming the most appealing travel seasons.

7. In: Unique Travel Experiences | Out: Typical Tourist Attractions

Don’t get us wrong: everyone loves the Colosseum and the Eiffel Tower. But more people than ever are hoping to put a unique spin on typical tourist attractions when exploring the world. They don’t just want to see Milford Sound in New Zealand. They want to go on a scenic helicopter flight overtop of if. They don’t just want to spot Sydney Harbour Bridge. They want to climb it on BridgeClimb. People want to do something they’ll remember forever. Bucket list experiences for bucket list landmarks. Makes sense to us.

8. In: Private Guides | Out: Cookie Cutter Itineraries

If people are travelling on their own or with a partner or family member, they want to go private. A private guide lets them set the terms of engagement for their trip, shaping their itinerary to their interests and getting dedicated attention at the sites they want to explore. Cookie cutter itineraries with no flexibility and one tour guide for a massive group isn’t cutting it anymore. People want unique experiences and they want intimate memories tailored just for them.

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Aren Bergstrom
Aren Bergstrom

Globetrotting Editor - You might say that Aren was destined to become a Globetrotter after his family took him to Germany two times before he was four. If that wasn’t enough, a term spent in Sweden as a young teenager and a trek across Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand confirmed that destiny. An independent writer, director, and film critic, Aren has travelled across Asia, Europe, and South America. His favourite travel experience was visiting the major cities of Japan’s largest island, Honshu, but his love for food, drink, and film will take him anywhere that boasts great art and culture.

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