2 Myths About Travel to Australia

Many North Americans believe two things about travel to Australia that tend to put them off about travelling there. One is that it is too far to go to and the other is that you wouldn’t want to go there in June, July or August because Downunder at that time is wintertime.

Australia: It's closer than you think!
Australia: It’s closer than you think!

Yes, Australia is a long way to go, but it is no further than a lot of destinations that are perceived to not suffer from the same tyranny of distance that Australia does. It takes the same amount of time to fly from Los Angeles to Sydney as it does to fly to Rome.

Most North Americans have been unintentionally brainwashed at school. All the world maps show it to be far away and at the bottom. 40 years ago it was a real “hike” to fly there. Today, modern long-haul airplanes are designed with comfort in mind and flying distances have narrowed. You can fly non-stop from Dallas to Sydney.

Ayers Rock
Ayers Rock

If distance is still a problem, you can always break the journey somewhere exotic such as Tahiti, Fiji or the Cook Islands.

June, July and August in fact is the very best time to visit many parts of Australia – the Outback, the Top End, the Kimberleys and the Queensland coast. For the Gold Coast (near Brisbane) and further north to Cairns, it is peak time for visitors. The Great Barrier Reef is at its clearest. So for anyone who wants to get away between April and September, Australia is waiting for you!

Cute Koala
Cute Koala

Goway has identified a number of travel ideas by theme, which travellers to Australia can enjoy between these months. These include unique cruises, family vacations, wildlife encounters, train journeys, island escapes and luxury vacations. Australia is also a great self-drive destination.

Regardless of the time of year, Goway has more variety of travel ideas to offer for Downunder than any other company in North America. We are also the only company with its own office in Australia, which gives us a service advantage.

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