10 Underrated Fall Destinations

We all love crisp fall days, red leaves, and apple cider, but not every fall destination needs to look straight out of a Hallmark movie to be a great fit for fall travel. Some destinations offer cultural highlights, outdoor adventures, great price points, and the sort of comfortable travel environments that are perfect in the fall.

The following are underrated fall destinations. Remember that you can explore these destinations on your own, but they’re also great for group travelers. Goway Groups Only customizes trips for any group of 10 or more travelers. If you want to explore these fall destinations with others, don’t limit yourself! Form a group today. But regardless of how you travel, keep these destinations in mind when planning a fall vacation.

What are underrated fall destinations?


Crossing the red sands of Wadi Rum.

Jordan is warm in the fall and the weather is consistent, with little variation in terms of temperature or precipitation. This makes it a great time to get outdoors to explore Wadi Rum when it’s not too hot or enjoy the gorgeous views from Mount Nebo. Head into the Azraq Wetland Reserve to spot migrating bird species such as the desert finch or hit up the Haya Theater Festival in September in the capital, Amman.


Aerial view of Victoria Falls.

Zimbabwe is very warm in the spring (Northern Hemisphere’s fall), which makes it something of an outlier on this list. The temperature can get up to the mid-30s°C/low-90s°F in October, and November brings some rain. But the coming of the shorter wet season brings a transitional moment that is wonderful to witness. However, Victoria Falls is actually at its driest in October and November, so it’s a great time to see the waterfall without any mist or spray blocking the view. The fall is also a good time to go on safari and spot migratory animal life, including over 200 species of migratory birds.

Southern Australia

Binalong Bay, known as the Bay of Fires, in Tasmania.

The southern states of Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania are made for the Australian spring (North American fall). The temperature hovers around the low-20s°C/low-70s°F on the mainland, which makes it comfortable to head into the dry Outback without the blistering heat. There are an abundance of hiking trails and coastal experiences in Tasmania, which is a bit cooler and wetter than the mainland, but still perfect for outdoors.

New Zealand

The gorgeous cherry blossoms of Hagley Park in Christchurch.

North America’s fall is New Zealand’s spring, when the country blooms and mild temperatures make for perfect adventure weather. This is a time to hike across Waikato and Taranaki on the Central North Island, see newborn lambs in the countryside, and spot the gorgeous cherry blossoms in Hagley Park in Christchurch.


Goa is one of the best beach spots in India, especially in fall.

Late October and November is arguably the best time to go to India, as it’s the coolest and driest time of year across most of the country. The temperatures hover around mid 20s°C/70s°F to low 30s°C/80s°F in most of the country. You skip the monsoon season and can hit up the beaches of the south around Goa and Kerala. Head into the Himalayas and do some hiking while avoiding the rain. Or spend your time in the tourist triangle of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur without the crowds of the high season. Perhaps best of all: Diwali is in the fall each year, landing on Sunday, November 12 in 2023.

Northern Japan

Hida Folk Village in Takayama in the fall.

Tokyo and Kyoto are great in the fall, don’t get us wrong, but the northern parts of Honshu, including the Japanese Alps and the highlands of Hida are especially great. Head to coastal Kanazawa to explore its gardens and castles that were preserved from damage in World War II, hike the iconic Nakasendo Trail, hit up the hot springs in the mountains outside Nagoya, or tour the traditional thatch-roofed farmhouses in Shirakawa-go. November is the best time to visit in fall, as the country is bursting with fall colors. Skies are clear, days are mild, and the atmosphere is absolutely perfect.

Madeira, Portugal

Gorgeous skies over Madeira.

This Portuguese island off the coast of Africa, to the north of the Azores, is an ideal fall destination. The temperature is warm in Madeira year round, but not too hot. It rarely rains, meaning you can spend most of your days outdoors. Swim in the Atlantic, explore botanical gardens, hike along volcanoes, and enjoy your share of famous Madeira wine.


Sunset over the Great Mosque in Cordoba.

Fall is a shoulder season in Spain and an appealing time to visit. The temperatures are more moderate, but warm enough to hit the beach in the south—you’d swear it’s still summer in Seville or Malaga. The north of the country, especially Barcelona, can be a touch milder than the south, so you’ll want to travel with a jacket, but such a temperature change comes as a respite after the hot summer months. If you want to explore Madrid or Barcelona, head through Andalusia to spot historic landmarks like the Alhambra, or spend a few weeks on the beaches of the Costa del Sol, consider visiting Spain in fall.


A migrating humpback whale off the coast of Maui.

Hawaii would fit on virtually every travel list for every time of year, but it’s especially good in the fall. It’s warm, hovering around the low to high 20s°C/mid 80s°F. Most appealing is that you miss out on both the summer vacationers and the winter holiday goers in the fall, meaning smaller crowds and more affordable prices for accommodation. You can also see thousands of North Pacific humpback whales migrate through the waters on their journey from Alaska during this time of year. Diamond Head Beach Park on Oahu is a particularly good spot to see the whales.

Peru (Beyond Machu Picchu)

Performers don traditional outfits during the festival of Inti Raymi in Cusco.

Machu Picchu is great to explore at the beginning of fall (beginning of spring in Peru), when the trails are relatively dry and you’re pretty much guaranteed a good view of the ruins and surrounding mountains. But don’t treat Peru as just a means to see Machu Picchu, no matter how spectacular it is. Cusco is a joy to visit in the fall as the temperatures are mild, historic sites are often less crowded, and the treasures of the Incas are as impressive as ever. The city itself is bursting with history as it was the capital of the Inca Empire. Lima doesn’t get much rain year round, so it’s easy to explore in the spring and sample some of the world’s greatest restaurants. Central in Barranco recently was dubbed the best restaurant in the world, so the city is renowned for its food.

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