Trans Siberian Railroad Tsar's Gold train, Russia

The Luxurious Trans Siberian Railway: A Rail Journey of a Lifetime

If you ever have the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime journey across Russia, Mongolia, and China aboard a luxurious first-class train, grab it!

Mostly opting for spring and summer departure dates, these fortunate travellers enjoy an unforgettable experience on the legendary Trans Siberian Railway, the longest and most fabled railway in the world! (Note: Technically, the route described is the Trans-Mongolian, which deviates to include Mongolia and China.) Of course, it does run all year, and brave winter travellers will behold an icy landscape, unique to Eurasia. There are in fact different trains, and we suggest travellers opt for the Tsars Gold, a luxurious train designed for Globetrotters, not simply for travelling from point A to B. Over 16 days, travel through Russia, Mongolia and China, becoming immersed in the fascinating cultures and landscapes in the the world’s oldest civilizations. Unique to the Tsar’s Gold, throughout the 8000 km/5000 mile journey, you’ll make stops along the way to enjoy guided day tours and overnight stays in Eurasia’s most captivating destinations.

Red Square in Moscow, Russia
Red Square in Moscow, Russia

This epic rail journey, which can be done in reverse, starts in Moscow, Russia, travels across Siberia, and into Mongolia before finishing in Beijing, China.

As you explore Moscow with your own guide, marvel at the highlights of the Russian capital, including Red Square, the Kremlin, and the stunning St. Basil’s Cathedral. To get a true feel for the city’s culture, you’ll experience the world famous Moscow subway, where station platforms have become stand-alone art galleries and museums.

Category II cabin on the Tsar's Gold train
Category II cabin on the Tsar’s Gold train

On the second day of this 16 day tour, your train journey begins. You’ll be welcomed aboard the Tsar’s Gold private first-class train that offers the comforts of a luxury hotel. The safe, neatly decorated train features an opulent dining car, spacious and comfortable compartments, attentive service, and facilities to cater to your every need. Top notch meals are provided on board, including premium vodka and caviar tastings. With refreshments in hand, you’re ready to take on the eastern world!

The first stop along the Trans Siberian is Kazan, a vibrant Russian university city that’s home to the Tartar peoples, a Russian peoples whose way of life reflects a fascinating blend of Muslim and Orthodox-Christian culture. After a day spent exploring the city, you’ll re-board the Tsar’s Gold train and continue to Ekaterinburg, the fourth largest city in Russia, before arriving in Novosibirsk, the heart of Siberia, where you will be welcomed in the traditional Russian manner with bread and salt.

trans-siberian-viewAs your train moves eastward, you’ll be captivated by the spectacular scenery surrounding you and undoubtedly make some new friends on the train. Your next stop is delightful Irkutsk, a city nicknamed “The Paris of Siberia.” Fall in love with its wide streets, Siberian wooden cottages, ornate architecture, and charming museums. Here you actually trade your train cabin for a night spent  in a hotel in Irkutsk before travelling to magnificent Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world. Enjoy a relaxing boat cruise over the lake’s pristine waters, and take in the area’s awe-inspiring natural vistas.

Before leaving Russia, the train stops in Ulan Ude, an old town in Eastern Siberia. Stroll around the charming town or take a guided tour to explore the region’s fascinating Mongol-Buddhist culture. For many, Ulan Ude is a taste of what’s to come in Mongolia.

Traditional Mongolian landscape
Traditional Mongolian landscape

Mongolia is an adventure-lovers’ paradise, nicknamed “Land of Blue Skies.” Here, nomadic life is still a living tradition and you’ll get back to nature as you interact with peaceful locals. In Mongolia’s capital, Ulaan Bataar, you’ll find a fusion of ancient nomadic and Buddhist culture, as well as Soviet architecture from a generation ago, alongside the modern and contemporary. With an overnight stay at a hotel, you will meet a local guide who’ll show you the very best of this unique city. Visit the legendary Gandan Monastery, at the edge of Ulaan Bataar, before heading out into the countryside to the Mongolian steppes where you will meet nomadic herdsmen and enjoy a captivating demonstration of horsemanship and traditional wrestling. Upon request, you could also opt to overnight in a Mongolian ger, a traditional nomadic dwelling, just outside the city.

Embarking from Ulaan Bataar, half a day’s journey will bring you to the edges of the vast and spectacular Gobi Desert, where you’ll stop to explore lunar-like landscapes, sweeping sand dunes, and ancient dinosaur graveyards. At the Mongolian-Chinese border, you actually change trains (as the Chinese and Russian/Mongolian trains use a different gauge of rail width). Heading south, you’re now in China! Here, witness amazing scenes of Chinese rural life from the train window on the the last leg of your spectacular railway journey.

Beijing China at the Imperial City north gate
Beijing China at the Imperial City north gate

Your final stop on the Trans-Mongolian train journey is in glorious Beijing. Though you’ll disembark the train here, your journey is far from over. You’ll get insider access to the highlights of this energetic city over the next three days, while staying at a luxury hotel with your own local guide. Marvel at the Summer Palace, historic Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, and the fascinating hutongs. Traverse the Great Wall on a day trip, sample world famous Peking Duck, visit the Ming Tombs and walk along the avenue of the spirits.

This rail journey of a lifetime includes a hotel night in Moscow, Irkutsk, Ulaan Bataar, and 3 nights in Beijing, 9 nights train cabin accommodation (with 5 cabin types to choose from), guided excursions, meals, and transfers according to the itinerary.

For more information on Goway’s Trans-Siberian rail journeys, call 1.800.557.2841.

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