Zeenat Coutinho

Goway Europe

I have worked in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry since I was 16 years old. My first job in the industry was as a Guest Services Representative at the CN Tower where I learned key skills on customer service and guest satisfaction. I also assisted in a leadership role during the busy summer months as a Team Captain. To broaden my knowledge of the industry, I attended the Travel and Tourism program at Centennial College and through the internship program, I achieved my first role in a travel agency. I got the opportunity to take on many different roles as the company was young. These roles included assisting with Business Development projects, marketing projects, charity projects, as well as being a Junior and Senior Travel Manager, a Product Consultant and Experience Curator. I have had many travel opportunities as well. I was born in India but only lived there till I was 3. Then I moved to Dubai, UAE where I lived for several years before immigrating to Canada with my family. Since moving to Canada, I have allowed myself to travel locally as well as internationally. I have visited, Quebec, Montreal, and Ottawa within Canada. I have also visited New York, Washington DC, Boston, Pennsylvania, Orlando and Jacksonville. I enjoy road trips and have taken two on both coasts of the United States. My first was in the state of California, starting in Palm Springs and driving through San Jose, Los Angeles and San Francisco. My east coast road trip was from Toronto, driving through New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, The Carolinas, Georgia, and stopping in Jacksonville to embark on my first cruise going to the Bahamas. I did go back to visit Dubai in 2016 and didn’t enjoy how much it had changed since I lived there. It is very much a tourist hub now. My travel job did give me the opportunity to take my first trip to Europe where I attended a conference in Brighton, England and then went on a FAM trip through some areas in the South of England including Portsmouth, Salisbury and of course London.

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