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Negin Shaker

Negin Shaker

Whenever I reflect back on my travels, some of the most fascinating journeys that I recall are those to Asia!

Its rich cultures, the fascinating and often mysterious history, the breathtaking nature, and the warmth of the locals, have left a deep warm imprint on my heart forever! I recall with great fondness the first morning that I awoke on a boathouse in Kerala. I had arrived in the evening and what revealed itself to me upon sunrise was breathtaking. It was so beautiful and surreal to be looking out from the boathouse upon all the surrounding nature.

Nor will I ever forget the magical scenery and crystal clear waters and vivid green nature of Koh Samui and Phuket! Whilst on the Maldives and Langkawi Island, I was wishing to stop time so that I could live in that moment forever!

I was living in the United Arab Emirates for 2 years, land of the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building, Dubai Mall – the largest and grandest shopping mall in the world, the stunning Burj al Arab, and other¬†extravagant attractions.

With my passion I will do my best to make your clients’ journey an unforgettable one!

It was a pleasure working Negin Shaker. For any future Asia booking I will always ask for Negin, and I will recommend Negin to my co workers.

Gwen Ross, Ixtapa Travel

Great service and knowledge all the way around.

Eva Drafta, Conlin Travel

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