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Juan Munoz

Juan Munoz

Juan Munoz

Goway Central & South America

I am Ecuadorian and have been enjoying tourism since I was seven years old because my father was a tour guide in the Andes. I worked for well-known travel companies in South America. I have visited 19 countries and enjoyed every single one of them.

I just had to write to you and tell you what a sincere pleasure it has been working with Juan Munoz on a very long, drawn out complicated booking. My clients are going to Peru, Bolivia and surrounding locations. When I originally spoke with Juan about this, client had a specific budget and guidelines. We went back and forth many, many times and then Juan asked if I would like him to actually talk to the client on my behalf. It has been weeks and Juan never gave up, always keeping me informed along the way. First of all, the patience and courtesy that he has shown to me and my clients is immeasurable. I would have given up a long time ago. I have been in this business for 26 years and no nothing about that area of the world so, yes, I would have given up. I just wanted you to know what an asset you have in Juan. So often people go unrecognized for the fantastic work ethic as shown in Juan. Don’t ever let him go and thank him on my behalf (as I have done a number of times) for his diligence. Again, thank you so much.

CAREEN E. SULLIVAN, Liberty Travel Bedminster

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