Irina Li

Goway Asia

I am one of thousands of ethnic Korean whose ancestors immigrated to Russia’s Far East during a tough time in Korea. I was growing up exploring Russia from the East to the West as my family moved from one city to another. That’s how I got used to travel and loved it ever since. A significant part of my life I lived in St. Petersburg – the most amazing city of Russia. So far I have visited a few cities in Europe (Helsinki, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London) and the USA (New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles). I spent 8 months traveling around South East Asia discovering such countries as Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. I’ve been to the most popular tourist places, but I’ve also seen some remote and unknown places in Asia, where tourism is not well developed and people live the very simple but joyful life. Apart from traveling I like hiking, yoga and meditation.

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