Cindy Gross

Goway Central & South America

My traveling days started since the beginning of time (my time at least). My dad was in the navy therefore before I was five we had already moved 4 times. In my teen years I used to practice a lot of sports, volleyball, swimming, tracks, handball, etc. That gave me the opportunity to represent my country abroad and from that time on I started to explore the globe. My job also gave me the opportunity to travel a lot. At the beginning I did most of my journeys by myself. After a while everybody wanted to join me, because I did all the research and they just tagged along. I’ve backpacked through Europe, zip line in Costa Rica, visit an active volcano, explore underground caves, swam with sharks in Galapagos, kayak in Fajardo, biked all Punta del Este, rode a motorcycle in Paraguay and Brazil, ate in the spice bazaar in Turkey, kissed a tiger in Thailand, climbed the Chimborazo and so much more.

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