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Alan Zamindar

Alan Zamindar

Alan Zamindar

Complex Air Experts

Alan’s 25 years in the industry have given him the experience to handle almost every challenge that can crop up when dealing with multi-airline routings and complex itineraries. The common denominator in the group is extensive travel and significant experience… and Alan is no exception. He delivers high quality quotes for destinations around the world, and his ability to creatively link routings and contracted pricing with the end customer’s preferences, makes his relationships with agents very strong indeed. He considers Africa and the South Pacific to be his core expertise, but offer Alan a challenge and he will deliver the best possible option every time to anywhere on the planet!

Alan Zamindar was Fantastic!!!! We booked and ticketed 12 persons including 1 Business. He was great to work with! Thanks so much to GOWAY TRAVEL

Patricia Lawrence-Haughton, Florida Vacations Agent/Vacations.com

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