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South America’s Leading High-End Cruises

Penguins-in-Galapagos-Ecuador-with-Grand-Odyssey-in-BackgroundThe South America perception of old is – well – exactly that – old. The “new” South America is one of prospering economies, improving infrastructure, improved tourism services, and ever increasing availability of mid to high-end and luxury properties and services. In line with recognizing the importance tourism plays throughout South America, many countries are now catering to travellers who seek higher levels of comfort when they explore. Nowhere is this move to providing luxurious experiences more evident than on the exclusive cruises of South America.

From the Galapagos Islands to the Amazon River, and the Southern Fjords of Patagonia,  cruise providers throughout the Americas have more than kept pace with the demands of the high-end, discerning traveller.

Ecuador’s Galapagos Cruises
Ask anyone who’s been there, a trip to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador is memorable, even if you were to journey there in a life raft. The proximity with which you interact with the islands’ wildlife is unprecedented. The views, the history, and the influence the islands and its most famous visitor, Charles Darwin, has had on the world, is immeasurable. But visiting this remote region while cruising on one of our 5 star luxury vessels adds icing to that Galapagos cake.

Suggested Cruises:
10-Day Cruising Galapagos (M/Y Galapagos Sea Star)
10-Day Cruising the Galapagos (Silversea)
4-Day Cruising Galapagos (M/V Cormorant)

Silversea, Galapagos
Silversea, Galapagos

Amazon Cruises
The Amazon – the world’s largest rain forest and considered the “lung of the earth” – cuts through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and of course, Brazil. In most of these countries there exists the chance to cruise these immense waters in opulent luxury.

Peru’s Amazon River Cruises: Journey from northern Peru on board the Delfin I or Delfin II. Delfin cruises take you one step beyond luxury, where comfort and grace combine effortlessly with the surrounding wilderness in the most unique and personalized vessels ever to cruise the Amazon River. In a setting of elegance and world-class hospitality, this classic river vessel features 4 spacious deluxe suites, all of them with private terraces and two of them with private whirlpool baths.

Delfin and Delfin II sister ships
Delfin and Delfin II sister ships

Brazil’s Amazon River Cruises: In heart of the Brazilian Amazon is a world of unique natural peculiarity. There lies the confluence of the Solimões River and the Negro River, a meeting of waters downstream from which the Amazon River is called by its own name until it reaches its outpouring on the Atlantic coast of Brazil. It is precisely there, at that crossroad, in the city of Manaus, that the Iberostar river boat is based. Considered a floating hotel, this 5-star, all inclusive, luxury floating vessel takes you on journeys deep into the world’s largest and most famous rainforest – the Amazon! Cabin-suites, individual private balconies, full baths, personalized service, a convention room, local cuisine, activities, excursions… all aboard for splendour!

Suggested Cruise:
4-Day Amazon Cruise – Iberostar River Boat

The Iberostar Amazon Cruise Ship
The Iberostar Amazon Cruise Ship

Tierra Del Fuego and Cape Horn Expedition Cruises
As you head to the end of the world and Patagonia, luxury on the water takes a life of its own with the region’s top vessels. The southernmost region of the world is where the expedition cruise ship, Stella Australis takes you on legendary maritime routes to “relive” the history of navigators and aborigines. In this seemingly unexplored part of the American continent, a beautiful and untameable region unlike any other, sail through the legendary Strait of Magellan, along channels, bays and fjords, passing glaciers, snow-capped peaks, islands and unexplored forests of incomparable beauty.

Indulge in first class travel in Chile on board, where you have an opportunity to relax on the spacious ship, with a beautiful atmosphere and fine dining. Before you embark on your Patagonia adventure, enjoy the comfort of cabins that provide you with incredible ocean views and lavish decor. You won’t even miss the gym on your Patagonia vacation as the ships contain an on-board fitness centre. Daily shore excursions led by professional guides will allow you to explore nature from up close, and give you an idea of the history and harsh conditions of the early inhabitants in Patagonia.

Stella Australis, Patagonia
Stella Australis, Patagonia

The long and vast water ways in and around South America offer the highest level of small vessel luxury cruising. Add to this – private transfers, 24/7 concierge service*, traveller’s assistance*, and a wide choice of pre- and post-cruise accommodation choices, and you have a top-notch, VIP-level cruising experience with Goway Travel.

*Applicable to certain countries and travel product only

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