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Piecing Together South America

You may have heard the saying, “all roads lead to Rome,” but we feel that, “all Globetrotters travel a road that will eventually lead to South America!”

A big continent with an assortment of distinctly different countries and regions, it is actually hard to find someone who doesn’t have at least one of them on their bucket list. From the climatic extremes and raw beauty of Patagonia in the south, and the remote islands of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) to the wonderful Galapagos Islands and the colourful indigenous markets of the Andes, South America as something for every traveller.

Peru is home to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Amazon jungle. The mighty Iguassu Falls sit astride Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, while some of the best wine regions are nestled in Chile and Argentina. Adventure abounds with treks in Colombia, Peru, and Patagonia, and a myriad of cruise options are available from the southern fjords, to the Brazilian, Ecuadorian, and Peruvian Amazon, and of course the Galapagos Islands.

The size and variety of South America sees a lot of first time visitors return again and again for completely different experiences. It is not only good for short, one-country trips, but is also a continent where you can stitch together one epic itinerary involving multiple-country trips.  A starting point when planning the ultimate trip to South America will be based on Goway’s tried, tested, and proven Classic Itineraries. They are made up of the most popular itineraries that contain the most sought after sites, in a format which can then be booked as presented, or customized to your clients’ particular interests, budgets, or time.

For example, the two most requested destinations in South America are Machu Picchu and the Galapagos, and more often than not, people ask to include both together. As such, Goway has developed the very popular 12-Day Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands itinerary.

Machu PIcchu, Peru
Machu PIcchu, Peru
Seal Encounter on a Galapagos Islands Ecuador Fam
Seal encounter in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

An equally popular combination is the 8-Day Iguassu Falls, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, combining the amazing and cosmopolitan cities or Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro with Iguassu Falls.

Other country combos that are recommended include Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia with the 4 or 5 day Round the Horn Patagonia Cruise, or connect Argentina to Chile (or v.v.) with either the 1-Day Up and Over the Andes (contact us for info) or the amazing 5-Day Andean Traverse. Both cross the Andean mountain range and in the case of the Andean Traverse, the numerous mountain lakes in the aptly named “Lakes District” of both Chile and Argentina.

The above suggestions are but just a few – and most popular – country combinations on offer, but with the fantastic infrastructure and ease of movement around South America. With the help and guidance of the team of Central and South America Experts at Goway Travel, it is easy to “piece together” the perfect South America getaway!

For more information or other travel ideas, please call 1-888-469-2955, email [email protected], or visit www.goway.com.

Horse Riding in Patagonia, Chile
Horse Riding in Patagonia

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