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How to Work Smarter with Goway

At Goway, we understand that your time is extremely important. Time is money after all. That’s why our mission is to make our travel advisors’ lives easier. We do this by continually looking at our business model and working together as a sales team to improve efficiencies. 

When we can save you time, it means you’ve saved money, so it makes the whole process easier, from beginning to end. Speaking of the beginning, let’s start there about how to work smarter with Goway.

Register with Goway

Have you worked with Goway before? If you haven’t, simply register at Goway Agent (“Registration” is on the far right of the nav bar). Once you submit your info, within one business day you’ll be ready to start selling Goway’s travel products. Please keep in mind that there is no login information with Goway, as we do not have an online booking tool for agents. Now you’re ready to start the quote process.

Qualify Your Client

It’s important to qualify your client before starting the booking process. At Goway, we pride ourselves on crafting tailor-made itineraries for your clients. No two itineraries are ever the same, just as no two travelers are the same. We like to think of ourselves as designers. If you want to buy a suit off the rack, you can simply show up at your local department store or order online. But if you want a tailor-made suit that is just for you, you’ll have to get all the necessary measurements and share the proper information so your suit is made just right for you. This is how our qualification process works. The more personalized details we have about your client, the easier it is for us to create their dream itinerary.

Sample Qualifying Questions for Your Client

These are some of the sample qualifying questions that will help us craft the ideal vacation for your client:

  • Desired departure and return dates/length of trip?
  • Budget for travel?
  • What destination(s) would your clients like to visit?
  • Should we include airfare? If so, what level of service: Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First Class?
  • Preferred departure city? (If international airfare is required.)
  • Have your clients traveled to this destination before?
  • List the cities in order of visit that your clients would like to include in their itinerary. (Please include the number of nights for each, if known.)
  • Level of accommodation? (3-Star/Moderate, 4-Star/First Class, 5-Star/Deluxe)
  • Are there any other travel services required? (e.g. airport transfers, day tours/excursions, intra-country/intra-destination flights, tickets/passes, etc.)
  • Are there any other important details/requests regarding this trip?
  • Have the clients expressed any specific interest for this trip? (e.g. history, food, shopping)

Quick Trip Calculator

Right near the top of the landing page of our website, you’ll find a quick trip calculator that has drop-down menus for “Destination,” “”Country,” and “Trip Type.” Once you plug in an answer to each category and hit “Find My Trip!” you’ll see all the sample itinerary options that fit the bill, which come with length of itinerary and, most important, sample price.

In our opinion, this is one of the best resources in the travel marketplace. It allows you to quickly quote your client on multiple different travel ideas. In fact, we have over 3,300 suggested itineraries on our website with prices that are updated every 24 hours! Think of this as an electronic brochure where you can search travel ideas and give your clients an expectation on pricing, duration, and key suggested inclusions in destination.

In only a few minutes, you can provide them with a quick quote on trips to Australia, the UK, and Thailand. Now remember, just like a brochure, we will always customize these itineraries and prices are “starting from,” but it’s a great way to jump start your clients’ vacation planning. 

Request a Quote

Now you’re ready to request a quote. Find our “Get a Quote” button on the main page of our website and fill in all the necessary information. You can use the free format comment box to include as much information about your clients as possible.

Voila! Now leave the rest to us. Although customizing the perfect vacation can take a little bit more time than booking through an online aggregator (just like designing the perfect tailor-made suit takes more time than hitting up your local department store), I guarantee that your clients will notice and appreciate the difference. Your clients will have a travel experience that is loads better than the cookie cutter stuff they’ll find online. Furthermore, they’ll discover the joy and reward of traveling the world their way.

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Renee Stanton-Defaria

Renee’s love for travel and adventure has been a significant part of her life since she was just six months old when she embarked on her first trip overseas to Fiji. She has lived in different parts of the world, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Her travels have taken her to 58 countries across the globe, where she has had the opportunity to explore and learn about different cultures and ways of life. Renee’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Her career in the travel industry spans over two decades, during which she has worked as a travel agent and held managerial positions in aviation, insurance, and wholesale travel. Apart from her professional life, Renee has a passion for adventure and enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and immersing herself in new cities. She also has a keen interest in exploring the culinary delights of different countries. Overall, Renee’s extensive experience in the travel industry, combined with her love for adventure and discovering new cultures, makes her a well-rounded and knowledgeable individual in the field of travel.

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