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Goway Travel Names its Top Travel Trends for 2018 (So Far)

The first six months of 2018 have seen dramatic changes and trends in the world of Globetrotting. For Goway Travel, this has meant new star destinations, greater flexibility for solo travellers, and increased demand for expertise in niche markets. This need for specialization has meant the return of a powerful asset in the traveller’s toolkit – an expert travel agent.

Despite a wealth of online resources, the knowledge and experience of a travel agent offer Globetrotters an edge when it comes to optimizing their vacation time, saving money, and finding those local treats hidden away from the tourist crowds. This move back toward using travel agents has played well in Goway’s practice of hiring and training experts in specific destinations and regions.

Each of Goway’s specialized departments has noticed its own trends and hot destinations for 2018, reconfirming the Globetrotter’s appetite for variety, and their willingness to explore new destinations. Italy, Greece and Ireland remain staple destinations in Europe, but Croatia is also proving its strong allure alongside its Mediterranean neighbours. In Asia, Japan and Thailand remain enduringly popular, offering experiences to suit a wide variety of travel styles.

Globetrotters are getting even more adventurous in Goway’s southern destinations. Those booking an African safari are extending their enquiries to Malawi and Zambia. Meanwhile, in South America, Chile and Colombia are luring travellers beyond more familiar favourites like Peru and Argentina.

For travellers who want to experience several countries, Goway’s rail itineraries are a convenient way of linking a number of destinations in style, almost like a cruise on land. Solo travel is another rapidly expanding market. While travel can be a memorable experience with a good friend or partner, Goway is noticing more and more travellers eager to get out there on their own, and so offers a wide range of products without the burden of a single supplement.


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