Free FAM Trip FAQ


Q: What are the minimum requirements of bookings made with Goway in order to qualify for entries for this contest?

A: Individual bookings must have a land component with accommodation, and a minimum of 6 nights/7 days. There is no minimum dollar value. Deposits for the bookings must be made to Goway by December 31, 2024. Both FIT and group bookings are valid. Air-only bookings do not qualify.


Q: How are bookings tracked?

A: This is a self-tracking incentive. Travel agents should print out a copy of the Passport and track their bookings with the specific destinations booked and Goway booking numbers.

Q: Are bookings transferable? Can I pool bookings with other colleagues or agents together to help me complete a Passport?

A: Bookings are not transferable. Bookings made by different agents/colleagues of the same agency, or from a different travel agency, cannot be counted on the same Passport. Bookings on each Passport must be made by the same Travel Agent.


Q: Who should I notify after I have completed the Passport and made bookings to 5 destination regions?

A: Please contact one of our Account Managers for your region as soon as you have completed the Passport. The final day to submit your claim to the contest is January 31, 2025.


Q: What will be the FAM trip prize options?

A: Goway will select a FAM for you and you will be provided with all of the details as soon as they become available. If you are unable to attend the selected FAM then you will forfeit your prize.

Q: What is the process for determining which FAM trip I have won? When will I know exactly which FAM trip I have won?

A: Goway will notify the winners within three months of the contest concluding. FAMs chosen will be on a random draw basis to ensure fairness across the board. If you are unable to accept the FAM Goway has selected for you then you will forfeit your prize.

Q: Will be there any additional costs?

A: There may be some incidentals such as in-destination meals and drinks not included in the FAM itinerary, laundry, tips, transportation to/from the departure gateway, and discretionary spending.

Q: Are companions allowed on the FAM trip prize?

A: Unfortunately, companions are not allowed. The FAM trip prize will be a Goway-sponsored trip to one of our destinations, and will be for travel agent participants and contest winners only. There will likely be other travel agents (without companions) travelling on the same FAM trips.

Q: Are there any other Terms and Conditions or fine print I should know about?

A: Yes, please be aware of these details: FAM trips may have a maximum allowable number contest winners as travellers. The prize FAM trip has no cash value, is non-transferrable; rooming basis may vary and may be twin share basis. Due to the popularity of the program, we are unable to give agents an option of different FAMs. Rather, there will be a random selection process for that FAM you will win. If you are unable to attend the FAM provided then you will forfeit your prize.

Q: Can I earn 2 free FAMs in one given year if I get 10 stamps?

A: No, every agent has the ability to earn only one free FAM each.

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