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Why Europe is Your Client’s New Favourite Winter Destination

We already know that Europe has something for everyone. As we see the world of travel evolve and traditionally busy seasons stretch longer and longer, Goway is working on a wide variety of ideas and tools to overcome old reservations and embrace Europe as the next hot destination for winter travel.

Speaking of heat, Europe during winter is still warmer than much of North America. Its spring also starts about a month earlier. Those living in snowy locales like Toronto or Chicago will find Northern Europe crisp and cool, but manageable in the middle of January or February. By March, however, the flowers are coming into bloom and days feel noticeably warmer. For those coming from the south, this is a great way to experience the cooler weather. Remember, destinations with cooler weather are designed for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. Snuggle up in your Ice Igloo and watch the northern lights in Finland, or cosy up in a pub in Ireland or the UK with a good book and a hearty warm meal… and possibly a drink.

Winter in Paris with Happy Young Woman, France
Winter in Paris

Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France have some of the world’s most famous skiing, and the winter months usually bring with them pleasant ski conditions. Even non-skiers will find plenty of other activities to beat the winter chill in the popular ski regions. The towns are comfortable and cozy, designed for both winter and summer visitors. This is the time of year to engage with locals as they take advantage of the quiet season in many busy places in Europe.

There are some fantastic savings to be had on Goway’s Long Stay packages in Southern Europe. Rates are negotiated based on a group staying 21 nights, and passed on to passengers for large savings. Places like Malta, Portugal and Spain are comfortable even in the dead of winter – arguably more so due to the lack of crowds. Passengers who aren’t looking to spend time on the beach will find plenty of other attractions to visit, and if they are lucky they may still get the occasional beach day, though they’ll probably find the ocean a bit chilly.


Visiting popular attractions is almost always a bit more pleasant in winter. Capturing pictures of locations where it’s just you and nature, or you and history, as opposed to you and what feels like 3000 tourists is a great reason to visit. Lineups and wait times are frequently shorter, and you will probably have more timing options if planning your day in advance. A place like the Alhambra palace in Spain for instance is busy year round, but in winter, you may find quiet moments in the castle where you feel like it is just you enjoying its intricate details.

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain

Europe has so much to offer during the winter, whether it is enjoying the Christmas markets in November and December, or the Galleries and theater of London. It truly has something for everyone and feels a little bit more intimate without the summer crowds.

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Nadya Phelan

Europe Product Manager - Although born in Canada, Nadya has spent much of her life globetrotting, as her parents believed that travelling was a form of education. At 20, she packed her backpack and set off to Australia for a work holiday, where she would later return to earn her degree in Tourism Management. She has also lived and worked in Ireland. Having extensively explored Europe and South America, Nadya has since been to all 7 continents and is always looking to see and experience more.

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