Christmas Markets in Europe

The Christmas Markets that spring up each year throughout Europe are full of local character and charm. Beginning in late November and typically in operation until Christmas Eve, many of Europe’s premier cities – as well as several lesser-known gems – celebrate the season of giving by inviting guests from around the world to see and experience their cities as their marketplaces glitter with snow, holiday lights, bulbs, trees, and of course, a wide range of local artisanal products. From fine handicrafts to a wide range of delicious cuisine and drink, the Christmas Markets of Europe should be toward the front of the travel agenda for anyone seeking an intimate and magical winter holiday.

Vienna Christmas Market

From England to Austria and nearly everywhere in between, there’s a wide-range of dazzling Christmas Markets just waiting to be discovered.

For a unique experience, consider heading to Basel, Switzerland. In addition to exploring what is widely considered to be Switzerland’s finest market, adorned with all sorts of decorations and lined by brightly painted chalets, journey by train to the German Black Forest village of Freiburg and the French Alsace town of Colmar. The result? In just four short days you can explore Christmas Markets in three countries!

Further north, the Christmas markets in Germany are also spectacular. Berlin, Dresden, Munich and Nuremberg each host lively and welcoming winter markets that may just help one’s heart grow three sizes in a single day. Even the Grinch himself would find it hard to turn down a cup of warm mulled-wine, one of Germany’s famously invigorating winter drinks. Whether planning a thorough survey of the many German markets or a quick escape to get acquainted, Goway has an option for you. Begin in Budapest, Hungary, and cruise your way to Germany, making stops along the way at a number of Europe’s most iconic Christmas markets.

Gingerbread houses and Christmas decorations

For an outstanding holiday combining a short and sweet experience in Germany, consider a quick escape to Munich and Nuremberg. In just a few days, you can experience two quintessential markets, all without breaking the bank or using too many vacation days. As always, keep an eye on the Goway specials page. With the winter months fast approaching, who knows what Christmas Market deals may pop up… other than Old Saint Nick, of course.

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