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Agent Profile: Simon Trainor

Simon at the Olgas

Simon Trainor loves to assist agents and clients visit his country of origin, Australia as well as New Zealand. Here is a little about Simon, in his own words.

Originally from Melbourne Australia my love of travel began when I first ventured off the continent in 2001. Returning to Australia in 2007 I began working in the travel industry, first in retail, which gave be excellent foundations in knowing how best to relate to travel agents and their passengers when I transitioned into wholesale. I started with a brief tenure in Goway’s Latin America team in 2008 whilst here on a working holiday, and since returning to Canada some 9 years later there was no question, this is the best company to return to in order to continue my travel consulting adventure now with family in tow. I love sharing my local knowledge of Australia and New Zealand, having lived in both destinations.

What is your country of birth?

Australia – Melbourne

Have you lived in any country other than North America?

Yes. Born in Australia, lived in New Zealand, Israel, and the UK.

What destinations do you sell?

South Pacific – Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific stopovers

Do you have a funny story to tell about something that happened while you were travelling

After going to the 2006 World Cup in Germany I lost my wallet in Frankfurt and my flight home was in Amsterdam. Several Train rides and lifts from strangers later I arrived in Amsterdam a week before my flight home. So Schiphol Airport became my home for a week while my banking situation was being sorted out from the airline’s customer service desks. Met some fun, strange and interesting characters during that week  and generally made the best adventure of a terrible travel situation.

Do you have a travel tip you can provide for your agents?

Passengers are planning their next holiday within a week of returning from their last trip. Utilise this opportunity to give them some options based on what your customers loved or didn’t love about the last trip. Also ensure you are getting the clients to describe their ideal vacation and not just the closed questions regarding destination, dates, and price limitations. By letting the customer paint the picture you will be able to better let the Wholesaler know not just what they want to do but the kind of experience they want their holiday to be. It will ensure they love the package and you will gain a customer for life.

What is the one thing you wouldn’t leave home without?

Sense of Adventure.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Being surrounded by friends and family in an unknown place you get to discover together for the first time allowing forever lasting memories.

Which four people would you invite to your dream dinner party (living or dead)?

Kobe Bryant, Chris Cornell, Bob Brown, Julia (Wife).

How would your friends describe you?

Easy going

Which living person do you admire the most?

Eddie Vedder

What is your most treasured possession?


What is your greatest fear?


What is your favorite Goway Destination or product to sell


You can contact Simon directly at [email protected] or call him on 888 469 2944 x 5972


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