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The African Skies Are No Longer the Limit

The skies are no longer the limit when it comes to air travel around Africa. Gone are the days when travellers who missed a flight faced a weeklong wait before the next one, or a multitude of expensive connecting flights to get to where they wanted to go.

North American travellers typically have around 10 to 14 days available when visiting Africa. Given that the trip home and back takes a minimum of two days, this takes a substantial chunk out of time that could be better spent enjoying the local sights and culture. Let’s face it, no-one enjoys airport queues or flight delays.

The obligatory overnight at airport hotels in the larger gateways is also becoming a thing of the past as the air network within Africa opens up to direct flights between key destinations. This means more time for travellers to spend doing the things they really came to Africa to do!

In the past, any traveller hoping to include the Masai Mara, Victoria Falls, and Cape Town on one itinerary faced a major mission, unless they were prepared to travel long distances at odd times, and spend one or more nights at bland, generic airport hotels completely lacking in local character. This year, with the launch of Kenya Airways direct flights from Nairobi to Livingstone (Victoria Falls has now also been added) and on to Cape Town, Goway has created the perfect itinerary for all budgets including these 3 must-see destinations.

Victoria Falls

Likewise, it has always been challenging to do a combo of Kruger, Cape Town, and Victoria Falls even though it literally is only a hop, skip and a jump from one place to the next. As of July 2017, South African Airways will be offering a direct flight between Cape Town and Victoria Falls, meaning clients can fly internationally into Johannesburg, connect straight to their lodge in Kruger National Park, fly directly to Cape Town and straight on to Victoria Falls, cutting out at least two flights and a wasted forced overnight in Johannesburg. The Southern Africa Extravaganza is the ideal way to do this.

Besides regional flight connections improving, with the opening of the new airport in Victoria Falls, many international carriers are now flying directly there from their hub, meaning travellers only wanting to visit Zimbabwe no longer have to travel via a neighbouring country to get there.

Hyena in the Masai Mara, Kenya

With so many exciting and easy new flight combinations, a multi country itinerary no longer needs to be daunting, Goway’s Africa Experts are already able to offer you the best routings in the best order to maximize your clients’ experience in the destination.


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