Africa Destination Specialist Returns from Namibia – A Unique African Adventure

Goway Africa Destination Specialist Queenie Hou returns from her trip to Namibia! Here, she shares her insight into this incredible country, and why a trip to Namibia is a once in a lifetime experience.

Welcome back! Can you start by telling us what you think is the biggest misconception travelers have about Namibia?

That it is teeming with wildlife… and nothing else. While game viewing is good, there is so much more to Namibia than wildlife, which isn’t really ‘classic Africa’ anyway. For example The Damaraland has this rugged beauty about it, and the Sossusvlei is like nowhere else you can visit. There are lots of ‘unique’ countries in Africa, but Namibia really stands out in this regard

What was your favourite hotel / lodge and why?

Damaraland Camp. It’s nestled in the Huab River valley, surrounded by low hills. There’s very much a community feel and it is now part owned by the local people. There are amazing hikes around, and I like that the focus of activities is on the wildlife (specifically the desert-adapted elephants).

What was your favourite unique stay / experience?

The sleep out deck experience at Little Kulala! Sleeping under the stars is such a magical experience. My first time and absolutely a must do! Your senses come totally alive at night.

As a Destination Specialist for Goway Africa, was there anything that surprised you?

The fitness level that is required to do Namibia. Namibia is an exceptional experience for the adventurous. That doesn’t mean that the not so adventurous cant partake, but the country is a great option for those wanting to be a bit more active.

Where would you recommend if clients wanted to extend into another country? 

The neighbouring countries, South Africa and Botswana make for easy additions to a Namibia Trip and will really round out an itinerary nicely, offering clients a totally different experience.

Are there any tips about travelling to Namibia that agents might share with their clients to make their trip even more enjoyable?

You can use the South African Rand as it’s on par with the Namibian Dollar. Just a note though, if you have left over Namibian Dollars, you can’t use them in South Africa.

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