Couple Enjoying Beautiful Scenery of Moorea, Tahiti

Ways to Enjoy a Tahiti Vacation on a Budget

If you’re travelling to Tahiti on a tight budget, here are some tips on how to get the best bang for your buck in this spectacular destination. Despite its reputation for opulence and exclusivity, it’s perfectly possible to enjoy a Tahiti vacation on a limited budget. Since the last thing you’ll want to do in this heavenly destination is worry about money, we put together these plan-ahead tips for you to ensure a seamless and affordable trip. Get ready for the Tahiti vacation of a lifetime. Paradise may be closer than you think!

Combine Hotels with Overwater Bungalow Stays
Stay in a hotel room for the majority of your stay, then splurge on an overwater bungalow for the last two nights of your trip. You’ll get the thrill of sleeping over the lagoon and looking down at colourful sea life, without breaking the bank.

Intercontinental Bora Bora Overwater Bungalows, Tahiti
Overwater bungalows in Bora Bora

Save On Food
Buy a meal package, such as Half Board (breakfast and dinner package) before arriving. You’ll save by reserving ahead of time and purchasing it in your local currency. When you arrive, you can visit the grocery store and stock up on some cold drinks to minimize higher hotel restaurant prices.

If you’re visiting the island of Tahiti, visit Le Roulottes for dinner. These friendly food trucks are a fun and inexpensive place to sample various cuisine. La Roulottes is the island’s gathering place and street food equivalent. Sample everything from tasty crepes to poisson cru (citrus-flavoured fish), burgers, steak frites, and Chinese stir-fry.

Champagne Taste
Buy a bottle of champagne at the duty free shop in the airport before departure, and bring it with you on your trip. The alcohol prices in North America are much cheaper than in Tahiti. If you’re connecting to another flight within Tahiti, not to worry! The planes within Tahiti don’t have restrictions on carrying liquids as carry-on.

Hit the Smaller Islands
Tahiti’s lesser-known, off-the-radar islands offer greater value for money. The island of Rangiroa is a paradise for divers, and its bursting with exotic beauty and abundant marine life. The island of Huahine, with its lush vegetation, has a series of amazing archaeological sites. If you plan to visit a few islands, book an airpass for great value.

Rangiroa Aerial View, Tahiti
Aerial view of the islets of Rangiroa

Travel in the Off-Season
In the low season, Tahiti vacation prices are generally discounted, and there’s more chance of being able to bargain. Low season is November to December (excluding the Christmas/New Year period) and January to March. During this time you’ll find better airfares – flights are often in high demand in July and August and prices can jump accordingly. The weather in the off-season is still gorgeous.

Arrive Early and Stay Late
Many travellers arrive very early into French Polynesia (e.g. 5:00am) and then have an 11:00pm departure. If you pre-book early check in and late check out, this can sometimes give you as much time as another full night’s stay. Take some extra time to utilize the hotel pool and facilities – there’s usually an area you can change clothes, and the resort will hold your luggage.

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