Waiter, Where’s the Fly in My Soup?

Have a taste for the unusual? Why not try a new cafe that serves up insects!

Siem Reap, Cambodia now features a cafe specializing in ‘Insect Tapas’. Bugs Café, run and co-owned by Marjolaine Blouzard, former operations manager of the Casa Angkor Hotel, features a wide variety of insect dishes. The cafe itself has a friendly atmosphere and the creepy crawly fare is prepared in both a traditional way as well as with a modern twist, all with a gourmet presentation.

Bugs Cafe, Siem Reap
Bugs Cafe, Siem Reap
Enjoy the variety!
Enjoy the variety!

Every Globetrotter has to try the feta and tarantula samosa or Mediterranean feuilletes with ants… or just pick a grub out of the display. If the green papaya salad garnished with whole scorpions marinated in honey, ginger and lime juice is too scary to eat, then try a savory cupcake or Danish pastry with these critters included in the ingredient list.

To complete the experience, grab a cocktail or shake to wash down this fun and adventurous snack.

A great way to explore Siem Reap is with Goway’s Classic Cambodia.

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