New Zealand is a perfect destination to explore by motorhome or by private vehicle

Great travel ideas and destinations to visit Downunder this Summer

Summer Downunder, either in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere in the South Pacific is worth considering for anyone planning a trip this year. We want to give you some travel ideas and regions that are best experienced during the North American summer. An added bonus of visiting these areas is the reduced airfare you can purchase because it is low season, for travel to the South Pacific.

Culture, Culture, Culture… and Bragging Rights!

Beyond the landscape, the real gem of PNG are its people and their distinct cultures.
Beyond the landscape, the real gem of PNG are its people and their distinct cultures.

If you are seeking an exotic and unique destination, perhaps being the first of your friends to visit, then Papua New Guinea is the destination for you. In the truest sense, it is the last frontier on earth, with its vast jungles, hundreds of distinct traditional social groups and tribes, undiscovered species of plants and animals, 750 species of birds and ten times more fish than the Caribbean or the Great Barrier Reef.

This is an adventurer’s dream and a destination that must be added to your bucket list. Our 12 Day New Guinea Odyssey hits all the highlights, can be modified and operates year round including the best time to travel to Papua new Guinea, May to October. May and August both host extensive culture festivals, so please book now for space.

Not many travellers make it this far north! A Kangaroo in Northern Queensland.
Not many travellers make it this far north! A Kangaroo in Northern Queensland.

Best time to visit the Top End
May to October is a fantastic time experience “real” Australia which consists of the top end of the Northern Territory and Western Australia. This “Crocodile Dundee” country is filled with Australian bush country, lush rainforests, thundering waterfalls, ancient Aboriginal rock art and culture. We offer a variety of 4WD tours, camping safaris, and unique lodge and cultural experiences.
Choices range from:

Just to name a few!

A motorhome holiday is a free spirited and easy way to travel! It’s fun and it’s great value for families, friends, groups or even solo travellers. You just stop where you like, and that’s home for the night, because your warm, comfortable hotel-room-on-wheels has everything you need.

Australia-Self-drive-motor-home_11351395You will find all the facilities and equipment to cook your own meals, just the way you like them and cozy, comfortable beds for a great night’s sleep. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good the campsites are in Australia with excellent cooking, washing and laundry facilities, and one of the best parts about motorhome touring in Australia is how close these sites are to the beach! It’s also a great way to meet the locals. That’s motorhoming!
In addition, by travelling during the North American Summer in New Zealand in a motorhome, you can receive free ferry crossing between the North and South Islands, and save 25% on rentals between May 1 and 30 September, 2014!

These are just a few travel ideas for your summer vacation, to help you get started towards getting Downunder this summer!

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Meg Boyd
Meg Boyd

Downunder Product and Marketing Manager - Melbourne-born Meg arrived in Canada in January with no winter coat, one suitcase, a one week booking at a youth hostel, and a sight-unseen job offer at Goway Travel. She thought she’d stay for a year – that was 12 years ago! Never one to shy away from adventure, Meg has been in the industry for 23 years and has journeyed extensively through Europe, Asia and North America. Meg’s heart however belongs to the South Pacific, including New Zealand, Fiji, and her native Australia.

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